Thralls can't keep their weapons equipped

After you start equipping your thrall i noticed that he continued to use the weapon he had while he was captured. I’m trying to give them better weapons but when i do so, they just unequip it after a while and start to fight without taking them out.

Was it still in his inventory, or did he spawn in a replacement?

I notice it happens quite often when a lull in the thrall’s aggro causes them to sheath their weapon, but immediately getting hit right after by a hostile entity before the thrall has a chance to notice the hostile, causes the thrall to immediately retaliate with fisticuffs.

Got this on Xbox as well


Please submit your bug report using the provided template so we can assist you.

Once you start a new post on any of those categories the template will show. Make sure to fill in all the information requested.

Thanks in advance.

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