Need non existent support cant join server for a few days should i get a refund?

cant log onto main server xbox #2725 it is blocking all but one of my clan from connecting and it is a server issue, im about at my whits end here with this game we put in countless hours and get nothing but constant disconnects, dashboards, and host closing connections along with patches that dont do anything, have yet to hear from support on any topic of this nature or even see them respond to anybody elses post with information relevant to it and not just some copy and pasted crap that does not address issues. Its like they dont care even though we are their paycheck and that is no way to run a business i would not be surprised if funcom gets sued for full releasing a game that does not work and has no support even ark had support and they are much smaller than funcom and the support you got was in game not this forum post crap.

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