Nemedian Bookshelf bundle question

Has anyone bought this? It looks real expensive (as usual) for what it offers, but I was curious if there was an emote actually attached to the lectern.

It is expensive. I think it actually includes 4 or more variations on the bookshelf though so it will look good with a number of them next to each other. It’s like the climbing ivy, it automatically alternates between them. So you are getting a little more than it might seem like.

Posted this in another thread but here’s what it looks like for me if this helps decide:

One thing about the bookcases, I think they’re supposed to snap to either whole or half wall spacing, but they seem to prefer half spacing for me. Might be a bug.


actually they can have thralls placed in them the same way you can place thralls to guard door ways

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I thought you meant the bookcases could have NPCs placed as well for a moment and was pretty excited. Here’s the book stand (this also shows that half wall piece spacing of the book cases):

It is animated, the NPC looks over the pages and uses their hands to track what they are reading, then flips the page after a while.

The sample picture on the Bazaar does actually depict both a thrall (apparently) at the book stand and the fact that the book case varies between several layouts of books.

The stairs are too big for my little library. Unfortunately a normal ladder can’t be used either.

This is an expensive set but again it has deceptively more content than one might think. The books from various sources (this pack and others) can be placed on the bookshelves for even more variety, and presumably other small items as well.

In the end, is it worth its price? It’s one of the many items that i would have liked to buy but like 90% of the items in the bazaar, it feels too expansive for me considering what they offer.

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@Yorae The lectern is probably the coolest and most polished thing offered in this bundle, and if money is an issue, buying it separately would be your best option. Building with the stairs and bookshelves is janky, and the book can’t even be written in.

I bought it for my ingame library yesterday but still have to check it out. Hadn´t had the time to play today. I find it less expensive and more usefull then the golem station.

Thanks for the info i bougth it yesterday and never wandered that it can have a thrall to interact with it

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