Never ending loadingscreen

since the age of war chapter 2 update entering a server is near impossible. You keep getting stuck on an infinite loadingscreen and you have to close the game and restart your PlayStation a couple of times and then it might work.


I just logged into 3 different servers to see what happening ps5 loading was fine did end up in the clouds once logged out and back to my bed. Invisible pets are back also Elephant’s in savanna. @Yello1997

I guess it is only on pve-c servers since I’m not the only one with the problem in this gamemode


I went to 2 pve-c server’s 1 Exiles 1 Siptah and a pve

Good for you! As you can see on the forums I’m not the only one with the problem. I’m just putting this up so that Funcom can fix it

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Am also having this problem
Which i didnt had prior

Thing is its my main server
I can join others

Infinte loading screens
Or the game closes app
I managed to get on once earlier today but had to runa errand
Since returnibg i cant get in am on ps5


Completely realize after every update something goes wrong. Savanna Elephant’s and invisible pets seem to be fixed that is a start

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