New, adventurous ps4 server

Hi all,

Announcing that a friend has set up a fresh PlayStation server (two days old), and we are inviting players far and wide, experienced or inexperienced, to come test the waters and establish something of their fancy.

Whether you’re into structure building, carefree socialising, forming alliances, farming resources, creating kingdoms or roaming various wastelands hoping to slay and loot, this server’ll be adequate for you.

As it currently stands, the server is PVP with higher experiences rates for all stats, meaning essentially your play–through experience shall be easygoing (unless, of course, you’re up for some gritty and thrilling rivalry against other players!).

The singular rule is that OFFLINE raiding is prohibited, but of course, when each/all clans are on, what’s stopping those explosives from blowing and those broadswords from swinging?

We hope to see some new folk soon!


— Midnight Mistress.

If you are still looking I’m interested my psn is ranjore1987