New Armor sets in Exiled lands?

Is the Siptah sets available in the exiled lands after 2.4? I don’t see it in the workbench recipe list, I don’t see feats to unlock, and I’m not sure if the recipes are available in the world somewhere. The information seems to be thin other than dev stream and youtube clips showing them off. Any info on how to get these armor sets to appear in the workbench? I do have the DLC.

Well, I was able to learn all three types of Silent Legion armor (light, medium, and heavy) from the Black Keep. So at least that one has been added to the Exiled Lands. I don’t know about the others yet.

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I was specifically looking for Dragon Bone - saw someone running around with their thrall wearing it and was surprised because I didn’t think it was on the Exiled map.

private or official?
If official did you check summoning area where you dragon bone weapons. May have added it and you need to retain those recipes.


It’s official servers - I’ll check in the pit, maybe they did add it there.

Confirmed: if you re-learn the dragon bone weapons, the armor is now part of that feat package. The game doesn’t retro-give you those new recipes.

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Good to hear. Glad you asked.

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Yes they have added Dragon bone armour and the silent legion to but both need to be learnt again

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Is there more new armors to learn in exile land then the silent legion and dragonbone? I learned them both in exile land and its pretty cool

I haven’t looked into the Siptah sets. The videos I’ve watched showed that you got them in Siptah void forge or something, which is basically the Siptah version of Library of Esoteric Artifacts. Maybe it can be learned at the library in the Exiled Lands, but that’s all I can think of. If I had to guess, it may just be a Siptah exclusive. Unless there is a void forge on the map I haven’t come across. I’m very partial to the Exiled Lands so I apologize if I’m getting the void forge stuff wrong.

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