Siptah Armor Sets in Exiles

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I went back down into the arena to relearn the Dragon feat for the new Voidforged Dragon armor.

Not to be outdone, I went back into the Black Keep and picked up the light and medium Silent Legion armor sets as well.

I know the First Man and Grey Man stuff isn’t coming around anytime soon, but, does anyone know if I can pick up the Black Corsair Variant B, specifically the Pauldron, or the Stygian armor set somewhere in the Exiled lands? I tried Buccaneer’s Bay for the Black Corsair sets, but no luck.

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The best is to wait for the return of server transfers. Go to a Siptah dead server, learn all recipes you need, then come back to Exiled lands :slight_smile:

Do not use yellow potion !!! Use Jhebbal Sag potions intead.

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