New Asagarth - Tamed Wolf mega-spawns

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type:

The Tamed Wolf spawns in New Asagarth aren’t working correctly. At worst case last night I had at least 50 wolves appear within a single wolf body… Hit it with an arrow and 50+ wolves charge out to attack me!

Behaviour consistent with at least 3 Tame Wolf spawn sites in New Asagarth. Note it’s not the wolves spawning in the wild, these are a single static guard wolf that has dozens of copies of itself stacked perfectly into the one.

Number of wolves seems related to time playing. When I log in there’s the single Wolf. After an hour or so there’s a dozen. After a dozen hours there’s a hundred, etc. Only seems to be affecting these Tame Wolfs. I’ve come across the odd multi-spawned NPC or creature but nothing as consistent or explosive as these wolves.

Essentially makes New Asagarth a no-go zone. The wolves are easily the most dangerous mobs in there and having more than 5-6 becomes a major problem. I guess I can quit out and reload the game immediately before entering, and kill the wolves before they get the chance to spawn too many… haven’t tested that yet though .

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Log in and wait for an hour
  2. Check Tame Wolf spawn sites in New Asagarth. Specifically the NE corner exterior guard site and the main gate guards.
  3. Initiate combat with the Tamed Wolf
  4. Cry out in terror as a dozen wolves tear your throat out!
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Yes, i know, this is now a well known issue in singleplayer, and believe me, it’s not only Asagartha.
There are crocs on the noob-river, then up to Sepermeru, and nearly all camps and places may be touched by this multi-spawn issue. While fun at first, it becomes quickly old, i agree.

There are places where you can count to 7-10 and more npc’s or animals spawn at the same point over time. And it’s still going worse when you move in and out the area. The old one stay, and new ones are spawned in.

I hope really there will be soon a fix to that. I use often singleplayer for tests, and this make it kind of difficult by moment.

Was looking for some good thralls among the Cimmerians earlier today. Went to clear away what I thought was a lone guard. Turns out there were three of him.

Not only that, but I very quickly found myself being mobbed by a whole army, including clones of a T4 I don’t know what because I was too busy trying not to die in the giant blender I somehow wound up in.


Hey there,

This is a known issue and our team is working on a fix for it. It should release soon as part of an upcoming patch.
Thanks for your feedback.

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Ah great. Thanks!

Really enjoying the game :slight_smile:

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Gotta say if I was playing a single-player game that kind of bugged mega-spawn would make me activate the Admin panel and God-stomp them into the ground (not harvest their corpses) then return my game to non-god to continue playing.


Agree, @Kwalya, and if it happens in Sepermeru now, Set help us !

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I know the feeling, was also runing for my life in Sepermeru with a full army after me. :joy:

I killed a good part, time to try out all the new fancy arrows, just don’t forget your sandstorm mask. :wink:

But yes, sometimes it’s better, and avoid lag with still more and more npc’s hoarding around you.

ooh I haven’t got to Sepermeru yet, looking forward to it though. That’ll be the next region I build in after I’ve bothered the vikings sufficiently :slight_smile:


awesome! i gave up thrall hunting in asagarth because of this.


Seems to be completely fixed after the latest hotfix.


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