NEW Boosted PvP Server that is fun as hell!

A cool boosted server for PS4 called CST Boosted PvP - Reduced Raid

They periodically spawn in random bosses to keep people on their toes. They spawn in random Legendary items to keep people going back to locations. The crafting and harvesting are really fast so raiding damages is not painful and makes sieging someone’s base about the conquest not about loot. It’s about winning the battle not taking people’s stuff. It’s been really fun.

Thralls will NOT win fights for you. You will have to support them and use teamwork and strategies to survive. NPCs are no longer pushovers. They take more damage but they deal A LOT more damage too. So, don’t take the Exiled lands for granted. Thralls die fairly easy here. On the bright side, you can convert them fast.

Food is used more appropriately. Slow when doing little to nothing, but fast when you’re active fighting or working.

Purges will happen more often and will be a more integral part of the game. But you have enough warning to prepare. So get your troops ready.

There are a few rules but they’re common sense and courtesy. They’re available in their discord. Their code is available when you get the message of the day. Come on by and check it out. Have some fun.

Forgot to mention that clan size is limited to 4 members. So, bring your friends to be your enemies.

On a side note, be careful along noob river just west of the welcome center. There are some beasts that aren’t playing nicely. Find the hidden chest and get a special item. Hurry, before someone beats you to it.