Whatcha think of this build?

My welcome center for new players to our server. What do you think? And yes, it is a PVP server. Boosted but PvP none the less. I know it’s not a closer shot but I’ll have to snap some more. It looks pretty bad ■■■ at night.

CST Boosted PvP- Reduced Raid (PS4)


Pretty cool harvest rate, awesome crafting speed. It has a treasure hunt and some unexpected dangers lurking around the land. Thralls are weaker as far as them fighting for you. You are the the one who needs to kill the bosses not the thralls. All in all it’s great to play on. No toxic players.


Looks great, but what I really want to know is what these bits are:

Come on, spill your building tips and tricks :wink:

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Well… aside from the axe its a pretty welcoming view. :wink:


Lol. My character is sexy as heck right? Lol


Those are Argosian awnings with fences. I’d post some different shots but I’m on the road today not home to take them.

There is one trick I did learn. If you look at the vaulted ceilings under the structure…there pillars IN the vaulted ceilings. To place them, you have to place a standard ceiling tile, then place the pillar then place the vaulted ceiling where the flat ceiling tile was. Just place it over it. Like you’re upgrading a lower tier piece. Otherwise you won’t be able to place the pillar.

The boat was the hardest thing to build since we don’t have mods on PS4.

Which seems odd since I run everything from the server side. You’d figure I could just upload it to the server and boom. It’s there.


Well, you really can’t have toxic players on the server because everything can be replaced so easily. We are still doing A LOT of testing and tweaking. But our players have been reporting loving the server on our discord. So that is nice to hear.

Just be carful around noob river. It is no longer a safe place to be. Lol. There are a few I expected visitors lurking. Unless someone already killed them all. Lol.

I always wondered about that. What would happen if you just threw mods on the server through FTP, threw them on your PS4 in the mod folder, and then just put a modlist.txt in there if it would just work, or did Funcom actually disable it.

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I have no idea. But now that you mention it, I guess the issue would be that players would have to load something into a folder on PS4.

Oh, hell. I should’ve realized those were awnings! I thought they were roofs with some tricky pillar placement. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Looks really good

Yes she is. Your character could get with my character and we could have a girl’s night out!!!:smirk:


LOL, No problem. Stop on by. Server is called CST Boosted PvP - Reduced Raid

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Just might do that I not a pvp player but my wife wants to something about killing people.

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I’ll stream a walk through of the welcome center so that twitch will save a copy of the video. I’m home today.

Well, I can tell you…This is not your normal PvP server. We think we’ve designed it so it’s not possible to be toxic. Gathering and crafting is so fast it’s not worth raiding bases to level them or loot them. It can all be replaced really fast. In fact, we have some rules on this server that buildings should be designed for aesthetics and not big chunks of fence stacking foundation overloading. So, we don’t want tank buildings being built. Can’t spam foundations around bases either. It all has to look like it’s actually useful to be there.

I mean, come on…It’s takes 50 Zeal to spawn an Avatar. lol. Though, they won’t do the damage of an Official server. I think I posted a video of us testing Avatar damage with our settings.

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Cool have to check it out.

Make sure you visit the welcome center for some gear to get you started. You will find it here

When you join our Discord, you get a free armor set as well.

Here are some more angles of the welcome center.


Ps4 isnt set up to allow a “folder” with those things, even if you put USB there, it would never know to look in USB.

It requires breaking Sony TOS and several other rules to even go into it further.