New Crom Item! 🏔 But How To Use It!?

It would seem that I have happened upon the most delightful new addition when rumaging through the admin panel! For all other Crom devotees, rejoice my bretheren, as we now have at least one physical decoration for our bases to display our undying allegiance and devotion to the dark lord of the mound. Behold fellow warriors of the grim grey god:

Crom Floorspray

I do not not where this came from but I will take it! And to the wonderful, amazing and ravishingly handsome person at Funcom approved this amazing new feature, seriously…THANKYOU SO MUCH!! My heart almost leapt out of my mouth when I saw this, and I literally became shakey with excitement.

But there is just one wee problem remaining. :pinching_hand: How do I actually use it!? When I attempted to spawn it I just received a message saying “failed spawning 1 x game item 201”. Can anyone do me an amazing kindness and tell why I cannot spawn this item, how to spawn this item, or where I can obtain the recipe?


I feel it may be time to summon a few of the other faithful to the fray. @DelRioServerMaster, @LostBrythunian, @Vys.


aaaand… @Barnes, @stelagel, @Sairdontis, and anyone else who may have lent their support and signature in my thread; I can not tag all 71 of you in. :dizzy_face:


Omg, later on I will search for sure, thanks Croms, I am excited too now :metal:. @SirBowen, @Tephra, do you have any knowledge please?

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What you described sounds like what others have said happens when you try to admin spawn an item from bazaar or battle pass that you do not own
So odds are its an upcoming bazaar or battle pass item


It is literally my pleasure old friend. But absolutely, let the calls for knowledge and answers go out to any who may hold them, and those who would also find satisfaction in this discovery. :mountain_snow: :metal:


I have two places in my mind, the one is the tablet on the frost keep and the other the book under the bridge that leads to the aqueduct! Later on I will jump to interact on both :wink:

I look forward to Crom spraying all over my floor.


A floorspray, eh?

How DARE they! The symbols of Crom are not meant to be trodden upon like refuse!

That being said…it’s a step forward! MOAR! Give me the Stone of Crom, which weighs 200lbs and does NOTHING. Once placed it cannot be moved and gives no landclaim! Bwahahahaha!!


Jup this is definitely a floor paint with croms mountain. :grinning:
I’m pretty sure it will be part of the Bazaar at some point or maybe the next battle pass. So you have to buy or unlock it.
To be honest, not something I would pay for atm.

I really hope they find a more creative way to show their love for crom. Like a beautiful wind worn banner or something.

But thanks to the one funcom employee who realized this piece to remember us :heart:


Personally I think those wall and floor sprays are ugly as hell… But that is just me not being into graffiti art :grin:

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There’s also one for Ymir

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Looks like it may be a purchase item for later…

Honestly, everytime it is trod upon it should fill the purge meter a bit.
Crom deserves a get off my lawn you’re bothering me response.


@Croms_Faithful @stelagel
Floor Spray and Wall Spray are not implemented at the moment, but they will be in future Black Lotus Bazaar Packs I guess, like the Wiki already shows.

Black Lotus Bazaar

Since the not yet implemented ones are called Spray instead of Paint, I have already reported this as a bug as a precaution. Bug | Spellchecker | Paint < > Spray which is moved to Feedback :crazy_face: :man_shrugging:


Thank you a million! It is not the first time that I search for something and you give me lights. I remember the last time with @AstroPony we were searching to the exile lands for the missing languages and you save us for this worthless effort, yet as soon as they implemented you didn’t miss to let us know. Your contribution is huge and a million thanks cannot repay what you do!
Still a million thanks again.


What does it look like?

I double it!!!
My quest to find everything in game wouldn’t be completed without you’re kind help!!
Cant thank you enough, your knowledge and contribution to the game has helped me a lot!!!


Looks to me that we have a religions’ art pack coming…or maybe they are accessible now. How many have tried to learn a religion from one of the trainers on the map since 3.0? Maybe they added it to the things you can learn when learning the religion.

Perhaps it is spray.
Perhaps one can tag enemy structures with them. Crom was here!

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I sorta kinda want Crom’s wall spray to just be completely transparent. Since it’s, y’know, Crom :joy: