Congratulations to the newest member of my kitchen staff!

You put up a good fight @Croms_Faithful but now it’s time for you to get to work! We have guests coming later. :grin:

Thanks for all the effort you put in here on the forums.
Now make me some Ice Tea!..please😂


Nice one! Thanks for the kind words LordKAA. Although as I stated in another thread, Crom worshippers arent ordinarily renowned for their culinary skills. His specialty will probably be a bowl of Gruel. But at least I can now serve the community from the comfort of their homes. Enjoy! :fork_and_knife:

Yeah I was kind of hoping to be a Forgotten Tribe character (ie-a Crom worshipper), but it doesnt matter.

That probably explains why he offers no unique recipes. :laughing:


If he shouts Croms crusty balls it’s an insult not a menu choice do not try to order them!


It’s my pleasure, you are one of the few people here, who always maintains a positive attitude.
Also, let’s all thank Crom that you weren’t forced into eternal servitude to Mitra, like Vattende and TheLOLxd2. :grin:


Nice, very nice lol

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Well thanks @LordKAA. I have noticed that you are a positive influence around here yourself. Although I assure you I do have my moments, or more accurately certain topics which make me hot under the collar at times. Namely passive health regeneration levels (eg-Fierce Vitality), and getting Crom some actual in game features. But I wont derail by getting into them here. While the bugs and some decisions do frustrate me at times, but Skyrim both was and often still is the same. But theyre just never enough to make me actually stop playing.

This is actually my first Survival game. Im ordinarily a diehard Survival Horror player. I just really love the game, it has hooked me so much. I originally just came here to campaign for more Crom features. However, I liked the goodwill and open dialogue we all have here, and enjoyed helping out newer players. And so over 10 months later Im still here. Hahah.


Thank you, I appreciate it. However, I too, have found myself caught in the middle of some ‘hot topics’.

Fierce vitality is something I personally have stopped using.
I have seen your unanswered requests, but I suppose that is the life of one who is devoted to Crom.

I’m glad you are enjoying CE. I have pretty much experienced all the survival genre has to offer, and CE (and the community) certainly for me, is the best in the genre.


Yeah. “Crom’s Faithful, Chosen of Asura, Priest of Mitra”, would be taking ecumenism a bit far.


:joy:Excellent comparison! I agree, indeed it would. Although, maybe that explains why our Gods can no longer be summoned! Thanks Crom! :grin:

The Chosen of Asura are not the only ones in the game. There are others that will prove useful in many ways.

“Catch them all.”


Yes indeed! :grin::grin:

Thank you! :grin:


Currently I rely on Eina the light for boss missions and Amzadi the Wanderer for bedroll protection. Kathibria’s in my vault for a special mission, when the server heats up again.

I thought I was the only Kat fan!


Hmmm… Did they miss spell the name or is that intentional? Should it be Corms the Faithful, or Croms the Faithfull?

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It’s intentional, for anonymity. Although some names actually remain the same;


Yes, one of the forum moderators has been put in game as your personal pack mule. Please be kind to her and she will carry everything you ask her to tote around for you.


Well played :slight_smile:


So what you’re saying here, is that she’s sworn to carry your burdens?

I’ll see myself out.

That’s pretty much what forum moderators do.


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