New Deathmatch NPC or Box

Maybe have it so you can select to duel over a box. like if you are the owner of a box you cannn select “bid in duel” and if the other player kills you they get to have the box.

Or an NPC somewhere in the world that cant be killed and you have to drop 1 legend item i the box to participate in duel and winner gets both legends.

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Second one is probably the better idea.

Stick a gladiatorial ring in a civilized location. Rig it so both players stick in an item as the bet.

This sort of thing works better with money, I believe.

Though really, on an official server, you could get one player acting as the duel officiator, to give the items to the winner. Maybe with a percentage given to them as a payment for being honest and fair in it. Like give them an item or stack of something worthwhile.

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