Saga Dueling Tourney details Round 2: Sunday Feb 3 @ 11:00 AM EST

Dueling Tournament

As mentioned during the initial launch of Saga of Blood, we’ve got a dueling tourney coming up for the top killers in each class.

The dueling tournament is currently planned to be held across two days; January 26th and 27th, a weekend. Naturally, as human beings we may end up busy on a weekday, so the hope is that this will help make sure all possible participants are able to, well, participate for the event. We will email all qualifying players directly with a poll on which day and timeframe works best.

If enough players find that the date doesn’t work for them, we’re open to further adjustments on the date. But plan for the 26th and/or 27th!

So, on that note, who qualifies?

The top 4 killers per class will be invited to a best-of-five dueling competition where the winner receives a prize package including gold, hoards, treasure chests, a unique title, and an exclusive Selkhet-themed cloak. This means 12 total winners, 1 for each class.

Full prize package:

  • Tier 3 Cloak
  • Exclusive Title for Your Class
  • 500 Gold
  • 10 Hoards of Blood
  • 10 Bloodstained Treasure Chests
  • Immortalized in the Saga’s Hall of Fame

Additional gold, hoard, and treasure chest prizes are available for runner-ups.

Leaderboard tracking will be frozen on Thursday, January 18th at approximately 9:00 AM EST. We’ll go through the lists and contact all the top qualifiers directly for further details. The top 4 killers per class will be selected.

Qualifying players will have until January 23rd at 9:00 AM EST to confirm their participation; if they cannot participate, we will seek a replacement from the leaderboard.

Whether the event will be streamed live or not is TBD, but we’ll definitely record the fights and post highlights afterwards!

If you have questions or comments, please leave them below.

Round 2 details:

HoX, PoM, and Necromancer still need to have their title bouts. I’ll be in the studio and on Saga of Blood this coming Sunday, February 3 starting at 11:00 AM EST (17:00 CET). The top leaderboard players for those classes have been contacted via E-Mail and we’ll accept walk-ins should there be issues filling in slots.

Hi AndyB!

Are there any rules in place for the event yet? For example:

  • Will there be a BO5 between each of the top 4? Or is it a bracket-type setting where the top 4 are split into two duels, and then the winners of those two duels duel and then that winner is the grand champion?

  • How long is the delay between each duel in the BO5? I’m worried some people won’t fight until all cooldowns are up, creating potentially very long delays between each duel.

  • Will there be any checks to see if players are grouped up? Currently it is possible to invite players in the dueling pits to raid for group buffs. Having a mage shield, priest health buff, etc. could be a huge problem.

  • store potions- will the really strong store-bought potions be banned? These potions add up to 8% crit, 8% immunity, and a lot of damage. What is the stance on these?

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  • Current plan is BO5 with brackets. Single elimination.
  • We’d like players to take as long as they need (bio breaks, etc) but we do have the ability to force-reset a player’s ability/combo cooldowns in order to reduce downtime.
  • Players must be solo. If needed, we’ll require participants to be grouped with a judge/dev before their matches.
  • No potions, runes, or outside buffs are allowed.
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You should add a group pvp tourney. Hope it’s not too late for that. Glory among friends is better than glory among oneself

Will epic rings be allowed?

Will there be time for RPing my victory both before and after destroying mine enemies?

Will contestants have to fight naked?

Can I sacrifice a virgin to Set before we begin? Sleves?

Satet-Ka High Priest of Set

what will happen since many of the top killers are hackers they will be removed? or as usual no action needed?

There are definitely a few bot farmers that have yet to be weeded out. In addition there is a hacker in the game harassing players for the past month that has yet to be removed from the game…

Let’s hope the devs does something soon.

Even no daggarmalt :slight_smile: ?

The Law players dont need daggarmalt! :wink:

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This is actually a good question. 1 Gold health pots would be really decisive.

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just kidding but…
today is 18th january but it’s…Friday!, you did not specify the year so…you meant thursday 18th january 2024? plenty of time for me to fill aa and be competitive on leaderboard :wink:

is all of leaderboard over? also path of glory II? cause there are 2 necros on top same kills, just curious to what happens both win 1st price?

Sadly this event is set in my workperiod offshore North sea. So i wont be able to attend.

I would love to duel thoose altfarmers🤣 not…

Have fun guys! And good luck to all!

Ill be putting my money on sleves. Best dueller ingame👏🏻

For the necrosession it will be styggaboy😇


In any case you are not in the top 4. it does not change anything :slight_smile:

Okay, we got the snapshot of the leaderboards we needed and will be reaching out to the top 4 of each class individually later today. Some additional cleanup was performed before the snapshot.

To answer some additional questions:

In order:

  • Yes
  • You will have allotted prep time between rounds to do as you wish, including fruitlessly praising Crom or waxing poetry
  • No
  • We (Funcom) in no way condone nor endorse ritual sacrifice, blood rites, nor any other use/harm of humans or other living creatures/beings for religious or other purposes. No Sleves were harmed in the making of this event.

The current rule is “no potions” which we can extend/clarify as “no consumables” unless you feel strongly about something that should be included.

We got the snapshot of info we need, so we’ll resume tracking for “Overall” stats as of now until the end of this server. For the case of the tie in the Necromancer category, we’ll just award the top prize to both players. Both players happening to get 3155 kills is pretty unlikely, and this is a special event server after all. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Actually fifi im nr 1😘

Will there be a path of glory III after second ends?

TBD. If folks want another round I’m game! PtG2 is done for now and I’ll make sure things are sent out by next week (it’s a long weekend here in the USA office, so we’ll be back Tuesday). Right now our resources will be focused on making sure the dueling tournament goes smoothly, and then we’ll see about another leaderboard competition. By then we should also be near a proper date for the end of Saga of Blood as well. Stay tuned!

Email sent.

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