New Follower Limit - Feedback thread

that’s exactly what i was suggesting, or at least have the possibility to mark them as keep to prevent deletion.
I just don’t want to loose my entertainers

Well I did write unless you want some specific one for rp reasons… The purge ones aren’t better than what you can get otherwise

Yet people hate to share the public servers. Ironic isn’t it.

They will level like all followers, but as to if it effects speed not said. And grit is not going to be part of the Thralls attributes. That and encumbrance as having a follower stam out is something they wanted to avoid, as well as coding how enc would work with a thrall.

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Ironically, on PVE servers, other than the cap and having to remove thralls to get to that cap, you don’t have to engage in the new mechanic at all. No one can kill your thralls. Only needed really for purges, so unless they beef them up then they will suffice. The most hurt will be people with (Gulp) 10 mega bases on a PVE server. They will have to figure out which base is their main one, maybe a 2nd, and hope the purge doesn’t hit the ones less protected. And from experience, most purges hit the same base over and over again, so if you know that one, then place your thralls there.

As for the RP players, it does suck you can’t make population dense mega bases [sic]. But from my experience, most RPers are on privates anyways. Where the admin can opt out of the limit for the server.

It goes farther than that. I’ll let one of our best mod-makers tell the story. He created and curates the “Thrall Pickup” mod that allows players to bag already-placed duders:

I would read his entire reply, it’s very illuminating.


Of course it does. But as @zerog mentioned, there’s presently another exploit where you can put the thing in the thing, and once out of the EZ-Bake oven, it’s a problem. IOW, they’d be re-integrating a system that contributes to a pretty nasty exploit. In turn this particular exploit could very easily be handled by an item wipe of the thing, but that’s one additional step needed on a network-wide basis.

And not to say it’s definitive, but it’s looking like we need to say goodbye to everybody that’s currently above-ground.

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There isn’t a magic button, nor will there be. The FAQ is correct in that by doing so it would be creating a whole mess of unnecessary workload that would have to be maintained not only for the patch, but for all subsequent patches. Not much else to say, completely not worth it.

Depends. Would take too long to explain every scenario. If their exact physical features is a huge concern, there are mods for that too.

Then make sure your toggle is off. It’s going to be off by default for official servers to start, you will have plenty of time to adjust. And even if you somehow still failed to do so, Single Player auto-backs up every few hours and you can restore a prior save.

There is Pickup+ or Better Thralls. I haven’t used either extensively to know what action will happen when you reset a Thrall by picking them up. Which is what happens when you pick something up, it kills the one in the world and respawns a new one. Whether that means you get a randomized Follower with various physical features or not, I have no idea.

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I’m afraid that’s false. My Cormag Beastblood has more health than Kisthis Fleshtearer. If you need proof, I’ll take screenshots when I come back from work.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not arguing against the cap. I’ll either adapt or gradually lose interest and eventually stop playing. But you did say you didn’t understand why some people played the game they did, and I thought it would be a good idea to explain.

Same here. I deleted a long time character (7 months) last week because he got raided while I was offline and the 30-40 total thralls he owned did not fight back. They just stood there and did nothing while some were killed and large amounts of explosives were set-off nearby. So the thrall defender AI is totally useless right now since there was no AI server lag with just 30 thralls or less. There was no point in continuing the character if even 30 thralls Bug-out. It would be a fool’s errand.

That leaves me with one last Exiles character. But since the news of the new thrall limits went out, I am the only one on the server which used to have about 16 regulars last week. Usually 6 to 8 on most times.

Anyway, these new thralls had better start guarding your base while you are offline. I find I have been using the new thrall limits anyway and they are buggier than heck and do almost nothing. If they end up being the same trash after the patch then there is no reason to play Exiles. You know the end result without needing to play.

@MaverickYorel and anyone else who this might impact:

It’s not a perfect fix by any stretch, but i’d just like to toss out for any of you who can use mods… If you are concerned about losing a thrall that is very dear to you (I can’t say I blame you; I totally get attachments to characters in a game and support players that this happens too, as it happens to me, too) but regarding thralls that we can ‘just re-get later’ that might have different RNG looks again?

What I would do in that regard, is for the moment, use the mod Improved Quality of Life. First, I’d hit Shift + M, get into IQoL’s menu, go to the appearance tab, choose an empty slot, type my characters name, and save my characters appearance in that slot. Then I’d target my favorite thrall, regardless if he/she is a tier 1 Shemite Exile Fighter, or a Dalincia Snowhunter or whatever, and copy her appearance to my character (that is now safely saved in IQoL).

I’d hit Shift + M to get back into the IQoL menu again, and back into the character appearances tab. I’d choose an empy save location, type in a name for my favored thrall, and save that thrall’s appearance in that slot. At this point I’d save a copy of my save file somewhere on my desktop.

Then, I’d go search for a copy of my favored thrall somewhere, break them on the WoP, and put them in storage. Come december, after the patch thingy, I’d place my new favored thrall’s copy… And if RNG didn’t give me my thralls appearance I had grown so attached too, thereby reminding me that my thrall really isn’t who I want them to be, that one person who was with me through so much?

Again, I know it’s not ‘the same’, but I’d get back into IQoL’s menu, go to the appearance I saved for them, and then copy the original appearance I saved and paste it to my new thrall. So now I’d have an exact, carbon copy of my preferred thrall, all with the new benefits of the new leveling system, and see how they turn out in the perk and level system.

I don’t mean this to start fights, and I know that some won’t have the option to resort to mod use, and that this is really just a band-aid fix. But It IS my hope that it might help some of you preserve some very happy memories of favorite sidekicks. Salute, and Happy gaming!

Quick edit: IQoL has like 20 something appearance save slots. This won’t just keep you to one, two, or three important thrall appearances. You’ll be able to salvage quite a few.


Context People…

"Will Purge Followers be unique from T4 Followers?"

Not to start off with – we may do this after we see the system live for a while.

Hi, Palm522! At least for me, I’d never consider to argue you that right. At least for my post, I’m just trying to help with some folks that can use mods, be able to find -something- that might help them around this change in a positive way.

I might start collecting them too tbh, I’ve only got a few that I really like atm. I haven’t realy started trying to get all of them yet. But of course, I’m not opposed to others doing that, that would just be silly on my part. Ok, I’ve said my bits, I’m out now, my best wishes to you all.

But Kisthis does more damage and will kill faster, thus taking less damage anyway.

If it’s just a “collect em all” thing, does it really matter if it’s the old or new one?

As you can’t craft god tokens right now, I don’t see how it’s a potential problem?

well if that quote above your post (new system not applying to purge thralls) is true, it doesn’t really matter anyway

Question: The new Anos Preyfinder depicted during the dev stream is not final and his stats displayed were not intended. Thats fine, so far. But will the randomness of thrall stats lead to a sort of declassification of them? The depicted Anos would have been a good fighter but not so good archer. Can we expect this to happen on a regular basis or will you bias stats for archer/fighter class?


I’m curious about this as well.

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That’s just splitting hairs without acknowledging the underlying argument. Kisthis is from the Votaries of Skelos faction and Cormag is from the Forgotten Tribe faction. Votaries of Skelos is higher grade than Forgotten Tribe. Therefore, Kisthis is better than Cormag, but a purge-only fighter from Votaries of Skelos would be better than Kisthis. My point stands: people have thralls that are really damn hard to get and it’s not just the matter of getting a 100 new followers again.

On the other hand, @Bone just quoted something that I’ve missed, which makes my point moot:

So, it looks like they’re taking yet another zag in their zig-zag decision making pattern when it comes to the Purge. I wish they would finally decide what the Purge is for, make it crystal clear to everyone, make it work that way and stop messing it up. As it is, it’s a dumpster fire.