New Follower Limit - Feedback thread

Its ridiculous.
Thralls that are unpacked should be able to be stored again.

They made a mistake long ago to not set a limit there… (we players did not know there would be a limit that time)
In the end, players that spend a lot of time catching > breaking them > arm them will now lose them.

I find this very unfair, and a poor solution.
Thrall limit is okay, but deleting the ones over the limit is ridiculous unfair.



Sorry to be so late to the dance - was traveling. Overall I think this will be a good idea, as the 400 mile base protected by the 1000 thralls and 1000 pets visibly lag out and drop frame rate every time we ran by…

…still I have essentially one concern: those utility thralls not tied to construction (e.g. bearer thralls and entertaining thralls). The unique and named ones especially have been difficult to capture. Could some consideration be given them in the limit to maybe plus five bearer and plus five entertainers (pick your number that works) over the other pet/thrall hard cap?

The reason I ask is that they, like other utility thralls (armorers, carpenters, alchemists, etc) are essentially base specific. On the servers I either play or admin, I have never had more than five bases. At each one, I have both an entertainer and a bearer thrall so that I can shake off corruption and have ready help when roaming around. So, essentially, those “mobile utility thralls” are needed in multiple places and really don’t add that much to base defense or server lag such that they would (if X number were allowed over the cap) have any material impact.

Please don’t make us choose between Lianeele, Luba, Syra, or Sadeh…

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Crafter thralls is not affected and the new leveling is for the thralls you put out after the uppdate, the old need to be replases if you alredy have put them out.

And i guess the danser and bearar thralls will be wery good spel if they are named ones.

Hey guys ps: I play in ps4

Everyone have the right of An opinion if it means that it’s different from yours. I don’t agreed whit this new update. Not all the server have big clans bullying other clans. We are the biggest clan from our server and we eaven give star metal tools and legendary thralls to the new people that appear in the server. I m sorry but from my point of view you are putting the game on the trash you know? So many hours farming thralls spend and now you whant to take this from us? That’s simply unfair, it’s not the thralls that make the game laggy its the servers and the glitch. I have a base FULL of thralls and when it’s only me on the base the base it loads ok. You think it’s not far have a base full of thralls? Imagine to players that are in wars loosing their thralls and their hours of real life in this game and you do this? Is that far? I wanna give up from the game because if this, everytime I see your updates it’s rare we have something good it’s almostly Everytime bad news. You are taking our desire of playing this. If u make this from the beginning like this why are you taking out now ? Why don’t let the game be like u made it. That’s very unfair what your doing. Your looking and hearing the people that are being bullied in the other server but the big clans that doens t do anything and only trying to protect from their enemies staid vurnerably and pay for the other bullying clans. Nice job funcom

Yes my server was that some time ago but then came 2+2 that ruined the server and now its a mess. But yes its a delicat balanse to make a system work. But in the same way of the sytem work and the good player dom have to guard the map you dont realy need an outpost everywher. you got the thralls and loot you need from the area after some time and mowe on to the next area.

Not that we haven’t clarified this plenty of times already. But we get absolutely no revenue from private server rentals.

We’ve announced and clarified that there will be a period between the patch releases and the cap is enabled on official server. You can read about it (or watch it) on the links in the main thread pointing to the devstream.
This way you will be able to break bonds with those you don’t want to keep before the cap culls the ones that go above the limit.

After collecting feedback over many channels of communication over the entire week, we can’t but disagree with that statement. But those opposed to the change are more vocal than those who are not.
We do acknowledge there is a sector of players opposed to it, but it is nowhere near as numerous to those who welcome the cap or those who welcome the cap with reservations.
We take all the feedback seriously, no matter their stance and as long as it’s constructive. But statements as yours above do not help raising the impact of your stance.

It has been announced on every channel available, including Steam, Steam announcements, social media channels, Reddit and our forums. A server announcement will also pop when the patch is out announcing the cap.
We hope that suffices to get the message to the majority of those who play our game.

The cap is aimed to improve performance on all platforms. Our estimates however show a much more noticeable improvement on consoles. But PC servers will benefit from this as well.
Those who also claim their framerate is perfectly okay when around their base, please be aware that we’re also talking about two different concepts: client FPS and server FPS. You might be running 120fps on your gig, but the server might be severely struggling to keep up with the load. Many servers experience this during peak times. Having close to 20k (or more, as we’ve been observing in some servers) thralls active in a server during peak do certainly not help at all to improve performance.

Once again, we see many points of contention that have already been answered and clarified. Please once again we’d like to ask you to take a look at this F.A.Q covering all the questions we’ve been gathering over the week and covered on stream as well.


@Ignasi you said that there is a large majority of people who are looking forwards to the update as stated, how many of them play on private servers or single player who will not be affected by this update?
Oh yes and how have you had a week to collect all this knowledge about this when you only released this on the 6/11/2019? Don’t insult us with so a blatant lie.
I am not trying to have a go at you but when you use such reasons as that it is an insult to the people voicing there concerns

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For me it means that funcom is helping and listening to ppl who occasionally play Conan exiles. The ones who play every day for hours getting punished. Maybe I have around 1000 tralls or followers like there called now. It’s not the first time funcom changed something in game why it feels like my time is wasted ( vathis) . It’s a shame and ridiculous, spend hours for nothing, thanks a lot. For me there is only 1 thing left to do; making some video memories for myself of a game I liked very much… destroy everything I did on conan and put conan’s map full with walls and stuff… it will be my way to show how disappointed I’m. And looking for a new game.
Just 1 little suggestion for funcom, when build a game don’t mess with basic rules. Don’t fool ppl and let them do things for almost 2 years and then take it away with a patch.

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I only just hope they stick to their plan to cap the overall number of followers used. At the moment on a thrall/pet crowded server you can just pass sometimes normal npcs or enemy thralls because the ai is still working out who you are or what so ever. Followers, guards etc are no joy with things like this. Having an army of hundreds of thralls, because there is “dominate” in the games title, is far less important than having a base number of working npcs/environment. And having 55 to 100 per clan is a sufficient amount in my humble opinion. Of course you can call for code improvements, better hardware etc. But goes with everything. Face it, there are technical limits.


Ok but make 100 followers across the board for all clan whether it’s a 1 man clan or 10 man clan … be fair for everyone

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In answer to your poll (which should probably be its own topic so it doesn’t get lost in the middle of this huge thread), I have 3 accounts on an Official PvE, and do not want a thrall cap — at least not one this drastically low.

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Can cross the survive one out too. If you die in this game you must be afk or something.

I am both for and against this thrall limit at the same time. What’s to stop a 10 man clan all with boss thralls raiding new solo players? Gods haven’t been put back in so no real way for them to fight back and even if they did there up against 90 thralls in there base :expressionless: lets see how many people want to pvp like that

But an even footing only matters if you’re striving against other players (i.e. PvP, PvE-C). Other than perhaps someone having a base where you want to build, there’s no such conflict in PvE.

Going for a big wall at the dessert, finish new players on server. :wink:
There will be no way to get out of the dessert.

Can I ask you something? Open the console in-game and type ‘toggledebugmode’ what are your server FPS if your clan alone owns 1000 Thralls?

Its a Clan in Conan… not Tribe… this isn’t the dino game.

Thanks for confusing the hell out of people on my poll.

Can followers use mounts?

Not understand what you want me to do. Sorry bro.