New Funcom launcher, wtf?

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After last hotfix a funcom launcher comes if you start the game.

Wtf of this? You must start steam and the launcher, then start the game.


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Many would disagree. Can you not launch CE from the .exe? Make a shortcut or something on your desktop?


here we go…

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Its actually pretty good, you save a lot loading time with it now. and you can easy change your mods when you only start the launcher. open the file browser as well. direct join your last server… dunno where your problem is. Its deffo better and nice to have ^^

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I don’t mind the launcher since I can go straight onto the server I play on without having to start the game, hit join and the it restarts the game before joining. However, since the hot fix I can no long walk ontop of several surfaces of my clans base without doing a falling animation or phasing partway through the floor. Some building pieces can’t be removed either.

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Hey there,

Please share your feedback about the launcher, as well as any issues you might find while using it in this other thread instead!

This way we can monitor the launch more efficiently and address any problems quicker.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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