New Launcher where you cannot see the start button

Must be pretty low on the priority list if they can put 2.4 in testlive before adding a dang scrollbar to loader window! Seriously, this is just laziness or lack of caring that 75% of their own players cannot play game!!

And honestly, I’m tired of people trying to defend Funcom’s absolute failure. Over 2 weeks to figure out how to add a scroll bar to a window is an utter embarrassment!


Ya, the real data doesn’t suggest that at all. And there are two EXTREMELY EASY work arounds that have been provided. I get you are frustrated, but it’s really not the end of the world to create a shortcut exe, or set your windows resolution temporarily to not be above 150%. This will be my last response on the matter.


Show me the real data then! I’d love to see gportal’s user data for say the past 2 months! But since you aren’t an actual developer, I doubt you can even see that data, let alone share it. Most players aren’t going to search hard enough to find your dumb workarounds, they will just move on… It’s not like the game was a well oiled machine anyway!

That’s right. None of us can, so is there any reason why you’re pulling bogus statistics out of your colon and going full-Karen on people who were trying to help you?

Some will take the help they were offered by other players and play the game. Others? Well, I hope the door doesn’t smack them on their way out.


I would be happy to pile on a different thread on the subject, I would think the moderators would have popped in and said " hey this is s duplicate of blah blah " and direct people there ( I honestly looked and didn’t see it but I could have been in the wrong side of town)… a fix should take minutes… roll back to the previous version amd regroup. and then roll again another day this time with some QC

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Heck if the are so proud of the launcher they should put the launch button right inthe center so it wont matter what settings a player has

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I’m using statistics from the server I play on. If you read the original post we went from an average of 20 concurrent players to an average of 3 after the loader. 75% is actually being conservative! I’m not asking for help for myself, I figured out how to play the game within a day. I want the 75% who cannot figure out how to get in the game to get help. Let’s brainstorm, what would be the best way to get them in the game?? Oh ya! FIX THE LOADER!! It should take about 10 minutes, not over 2 weeks!

And applying them to the whole game. Honestly, I don’t care enough to keep arguing with you. Have fun yelling at everyone on the forums.

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Maybe if there are ‘many duplicate threads like this one’ Funcom should just remove the loader until they can figure out what a scrollbar is! This isn’t a major technical issue, it’s just greed and lack of motivation!

I don’t know mate, I am part of a discord of 1000+ people and I haven’t heard a single one having an issue with launching the game. Maybe your people simply didn’t like the latest update or your server and decided to play something else or somewhere else. Your guess is as good as ours :woman_shrugging:

All I can say is that about 12k people have managed to find a way to log and play the game and the average population in the last 30 days have increased:

P.S. Can it be better? Yes, it can and Funcom have acknowledged the issues with the scaling. Does it make the game unplayable, no, not really. It takes less than a minute to create a shortcut on your desktop while waiting for a more permanent solution.


Wow why throw the racist Karen insult into the conversation? People are just asking for the new launcher to be fixed. Not have people insult them and be called names. When people have put a lot of time and in my case money into a community only to watch some silly add-on frustrate people to the point that the players decide to move on, people can understand the frustration that we are having.

And it would take about the same amount of time for Funcom to roll back the launcher until they can figure out what a scrollbar is. Not everyone has the knowledge to find the correct .exe, especially when there are multiple files with the same name and the real one is 7 folders deep… I guess only IT people get to play the game while Funcom works on expanding the map of a broken ■■■ DLC!

I apologize if it took me a minute to realize your error! But you quoted a steam number for number of players. Not sure if you understand how this works, but steam only knows how many people tried to load the game. For part of that 30 days, steam directed players to the sandbox.exe file and the other part sent ppl to the new loader. So 12,510 people tried to play the game, but Steam has no way of knowing how many successfully played the game. The only decisive data would be gportal’s user stats… I guess my small sample set is still the most accurate data!

If you think “Karen” is racist, of all things, you’re privileged enough to have had no contact with actual racism.

Many people are asking for the new launcher to be fixed. Out of those many, only a few are hysterically berating those that tried to help them, and anyone else who dares reply anything that isn’t “Funcom sucks”.

If you take your frustration out on those who try to help, don’t expect sympathy.

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It is great that they have an admin now to tell them where the .exe is located and they don’t have to “try” for another 25 days to log in the game. You are welcome :slight_smile:

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No kidding talk about a derail of the topic at hand. No wonder nothing gets fixed. Anyhow thanks for the workaround info even though we should not need workarounds. I am just hoping that this issue gets fixed and soon.

The issue has been acknowledged and being worked on. No amount of duplicate threads is going to expedite the fix :woman_shrugging:



Hey there,

As @Narelle pointed out above, we’re aware of this issue and we’re working on a fix.
We’ll proceed to close the thread as it steered into some less-than-constructive conversation.

Apologies for the frustration this issue may cause, and thanks for the feedback.

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