New Game Launcher

Greetings Exiles,

We are introducing a new Funcom game launcher for Conan Exiles on TestLive.

The idea is for this to be a platform where you will have easy access to the latest news, forums, DLCs and patch notes, without increasing the time it takes for you to enter the game.

The new launcher will replace the old dialog box and instead remember your BattlEye settings (this can be changed at any time). It will also allow you to jump directly from the game launcher to where you left off in The Exiled Lands by pressing Continue, thereby bypassing the in-game menu. This works for both single-player and online games. The new launcher will not be a substitute for the Steam client, but will replace the current pop-up box and remember your BattlEye settings. So instead of this:
You’ll get this:

The next time you log in to Conan Exiles via the TestLive client on Steam, you will be greeted by a new launcher window. We encourage you to try it and report any issues you encounter, as well as provide suggestions you may have for further improvements. Your feedback will be of great value for us, before we implement the launcher on the main branch of the game.

See also: How to properly report a bug.

Known issues:

  • The Continue button will not function till you have launched the game with the new launcher, played Conan Exiles in some capacity and then exited again.

(This post will be updated.)

Please leave any and all feedback on this Funcom launcher here! Please remember to be constructive and respectful.
We thank you for all your valuable feedback and continued support – and wish you luck in The Exiled Lands!


Will it be running in the background like steam all the time? I really hope not, my RAM is already filled to the brim if I play the game with nothing else open.
And if it does run in the background, will we get the option to disable / close it without it using resources?


Oh my god, WHY? Service Steam provides everything you need and news and DLC and the community. Why do we need another launcher?
I launch GOG-Galaxy, I poke Conan, he launches Steam, Steam launches this misunderstanding, and it launches the game for me. Excellent!

  1. If we have the launcher with a content page and news and so on, can we now disable this screen especially for stuff that we have purchased:

  1. It does run in the background @Force. For me, it uses 110 mb of ram. It seems that I can kill the process though once I am in the game. It will start again in case I have to relaunch the game.

Thanks for answering!
I don’t really know why we need another launcher ontop of the launcher (Steam)… it’s not much of the resources it takes but it still does, for no real reason.
Steam is really annoying to me already, I use nothing of it besides the games (I would even skip the workshop but sadly the mods for CE are uploaded nowhere else it seems). And now we got another launcher.

Just like EA or Ubisoft games on Steam, some of them download Origin or UPlay and have to run them as well…


This one shows all the games by funcom with their content pages, etc. you know marketing stuff … this one doesn’t require you to log in and manage an account but it starts automatically once you launch the game. I personally don’t find this launcher too intrusive but I am usually not really bothered by dlc ads and such.

Ew. Do you know if it can be disabled if I use Steam to launch CE?


I don’t see such an option but some people managed to find a way to remove the loading screen :woman_shrugging:

Ooh! A challenge! :smiling_imp:

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Early Feedback:

  1. The modlist.txt is accessible in Windows Explorer and can be modified so you don’t need to adjust your mod load order only in-game. I would like to see this expanded to the launcher for it’s own tab so that a nice UI option is available. Further, a bonus suggestion would be to add the ability to enable or disable the auto mod downloader from the launcher as well.

  2. As @Narelle pointed out, the ability to bypass or disable the in-game DLC window since the launcher now has it’s own tab for this.

  3. “Content” tab. I’m not sure if content is the word I would use for this, as it doesn’t feel very clear to me. Maybe something like:

  • Additional Content
  • DLC Content
  • DLC’s
  • Expansions and DLC’s

That’s more of a minor suggestion though, just something to more clearly label what the tab is for.

  1. News Tab would be nice. Yes, there is the most recent announcement viewable, but the ability to click on a News Tab to show a list of recent news would be nice. I’m fine with the news leading to a new internet browser tab. Other launchers offered by other companies sometimes choose to let you view the news articles themselves within the launcher, which is a nice convenience. However, I imagine that the computer resource demands would be higher for such a feature.

  2. Option to have the launcher close once launching the game. It’s relatively minor in resource count as it is, but some players may still want to have it be disabled once they launch the game of their choice.

That’s what I got for now. Launcher looks clean and is efficient, great start.


Is the R&D department or whoever came up with the idea for yet another game launcher so out of touch with the gaming community that they actually thought this was a good idea?
Please for the love of all that is good do not make this a thing! We don’t need another game launcher. We don’t need to wait for the launcher to load just so we can then wait for the game to load.
If I want news on the game you have a news tab in steam and a community tab, mods tab and more.
If I want your forums I can find them easily.
If I want your socials I can find them easily.
This does nothing but make more clicks and extend the time it takes us to get into the game. We don’t need this. #nomorelaunchers


I don’t shop that big E money hat store because I do not want another launcher. Please do not add this to my start process for CE.


I would much rather you fix bugs that have been in the game since launch. Actually I would rather â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  with a cheese grater than have to use a seperate launcher. The game already takes far too long to load having a seperate launcher is just going to make that worse. I was running my own server until people got bored and left. Please Funcom, fix the bugs, keep the new content coming and stop trying to fob us off with nonsense that no one asked for.


I don’t realy think that we nead anather launcher… we have everithing we nead on steam…


Please no! Not another gosh dang launcher. Please dont force this hot pile of crud down our throats. We dont need more hassle. Its already annoying enough to get blasted with the dlc page EVERY TIME I BOOT UP. Im all for the dlc, ive purchased all but 1. But please dont do this launcher!


I have a launcher, it’s called Steam. I would rather you fix the elevators and the several spots still left where people can undermesh…


This sound like a really bad idea. Like many people who play this on pc, we do not want another launcher. Please consider the players in this one. No New Launcher Please


Tried to give some constructive feedback…


failed abysmally :frowning_face:


I do not want a new launcher to the game. WE DON’T NEED IT!


Hmm, but why? This is not adding any value to me as a player. The opposite. I do not want a new launcher.