New Map / Random generated Map


What Conan Exiles desperately needs, is the aspect of new and exploration.
Either integrate more/new maps, to choose from, or make them random generated (like Rust) with the known spots as prefabs.
I think this will draw so many players back into the game (including me and my friends).


Changing this game to feature randomly generated maps is the sort of thing that just won’t happen. The current maps are all hand-crafted, which is why they’re so beautiful and just feel “right”. Creating a system to generate equally interesting random maps, while possible, is a GIGANTIC task. I don’t think I can overstate how huge, really.

The only way I could ever see it happening is as part of some major, paid expansion that also included mounts (since how the map/terrain works is one of the technical stumbling blocks preventing mounts from existing). But since mounts will never be a paid feature, I don’t think it’ll happen.

Having new areas featuring some level of random generation has a slightly better chance of happening, I guess, but I still doubt it. Having randomly generated game maps is the kind of “core gameplay” decision that you make at the outset, and preferably don’t change along the line. Certainly not at this stage of the game’s official lifetime.


I fear that too. It’s just…I am 100 % convinced, that lack of variety at exploring experience is what drives people away. I mean…take a look at steamcharts for all the recorded players. It’s getting lower and lower and almost nobody is playing it. Me too btw.

I have about 300 hours in Conan and my friends an I are not thinking of going in again because we feel like we know every rock by its name.

2nd: If random gen maps are too much to establish…at least make other maps, like in ark, so people have at least some variety. This would ensure replayability.


Well I respectfully think you’re wrong. Not for yourself, of course, but in general. I’m not doubting player numbers are down, way down, but I don’t think it has to do with map variety.


Ok. So what is your guess about that? I mean…I was there since hour 0. Player count always go up when something big releases…like EA start … release start … dlc…and then drop so massively in a few weeks.


ARK did random generated maps. They spent a lot of dev time getting them to work and the results were subpar. Barely anyone played on them and the feature was basically just never bothered with again.

A generated map in Unreal can just never compare to a handmade one that artists have specifically built.


Im going to step forward and answer that.

People join CE, and right after they leave the game because they don’t have the patience to “test” it instead of playing, a non-polished/finished game with very poor server performance and near zero costumer support.

This awesome, absolute briliant and immersive game currently will just hold (lets see for how long) only a small portion of the milion that bought the game, and those are Conan fans and people mature enough to ignore most of the bugs and problems.

But new games are comming, and if CE doesnt “feel right” in at least its core aspects, we will see the numbers continue to drop, a pain and slow death of something that could be top 5 in Steam.


I also disagree with needing automation. This might fluster a few feathers in a lot of players, but This game isnt about exploration, the game is about pvp. people/players, need to learn this. the world, and buildings/crafting, is all a means to an end too PVP. What we NEED are League servers that wipe every 2 months, with 5x exp and 2x materials. Give clans with the most points rewards, done. that will keep people coming back for more every time.


So much this. You would have to cancel all plans of further development and bug fixes and MAYBE we would see a buggy test version of this request in 6 months. That’s totally best case scenario.

To the OP, if there was going to be more maps on Conan, it would have to be a paid expansion, like Ark. But you have to realize that the Funcom team is much smaller then Arks. Further, Funcom has given no indication what their long long term plans are. I can tell you most players are not interested in a new map, as cool as it would be. The focus should and is on feature updates and core bug improvements too things like AI same the purge.


A new map is not the feature the most people would like to see. They are mainly waiting for the implementation of more core features (Taming System, Sorcery, settlement system, AI of Thralls/Pets and NPCs) and the improvement of existing core features like the purge, siege possibilities, combat system with balances, building possibilities, quality of life mechanics. Especially the PC community, which is really helping a lot to improve this game, is waiting for a better modsupport and improvements in server performance. This is a big list to work on and I personally think it will take months, maybe more than a year to get to a point the people would like to have a new map. And before that I personally would prefer to expand the existing playable map. With a better server performance this wouldn’t be a problem and there is still enough place although they need some place to put new dungeons outside the playable map.
My biggest wish for the future after the implementation of the Taming system is the implementation of a really good and interactive AI, better server performance and modsupport.


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