NEW MECHANICS: Slaves warrior Champions

This text refers to almost 4 months without updates in the game, which should not happen!

I think you should think about mechanics that are easy to update, I once suggested a “Heroes / Champions” system already following the “Arena Champion” logic if you had a well thought out “Champions” system, where they really went Well-differentiated, unique NPCs, with unique armor of each champion, hair, body, even private parts, very unique and differentiated, breasts, vagina, penis, hair … just different from the NPCs in the game with “fixed” looks that Champion it has that look, a masculine and a feminine look, since the intention is that you want that character, it’s kind of like me trying to “enslave” Conan in the cabaret, I wanted that character and not a random species of Conan, this random logistics already exists in common slaves, and a little “bigger” following the size of the “Champion of the Arena” you could easily make additions in the game and thus create dozens of champions all with male and female versions, to conquer is it you would have to defeat that champion about 5 times and so with 5 “souls” forge your “champion slave” they could also have a little more life, Eri has 6,000 champions could have 10,000 life and come with 40 of strength since Lian comes with 30, the champions could also “launch works” since it is something that already exists, some slaves in the volcano already launch works of fire, in other words, the mechanics already exist, so there could be a "Champion of the Volcano “casting fire, a” Champion of Ice “casting ice, which would cause a slight slowness in the area, a Champion of the Jungle casting fire, as well as several other Champions could be added, a” Cimmerian Champion ", a Champion of the city of Supremeru, a Champion of “Realizes Lmuriana”, it would look beautiful a “Champion King or Queen” depending on the ■■■ that the person chooses when joining the 5 souls to forge their slave Champion ".

See how simple it is to have things in the game that you can easily add new, cool and interesting, without even having to create dungeons, just add them in the area of ​​the game itself, every place in the game has a little bit not countable as I mentioned above.

If during these 4 months the team had added “Champions to be conquered” I would not be feeling abandoned by the game, on the contrary I would be excited to know which is the next Champion to arrive, and just see how difficult it is to create 1 character, a small one team could do that, and for us it would be an “amazing thing to do”.

Now they just don’t do it like they did with the T4 slaves that none of them have a penis, this must be a bug in the game but they are all caught, I don’t know why and it looks horrible.

So everything is ready, simple mechanics, easy to execute, extremely popular and with high acceptance and participation, it would add a lot of gameplay and “what to do in the long term” since each champion people would need to “defeat him” 5 times "this multiplies the playing time in this mechanic by 5, especially when there are 20 30 40 champions.

Still on this subject, you can monetize this too, the DLCs already in play are already well worn, see that I want to have a different DLC like that of the horses sold a lot, so imagine a DLC with armor for Champions, or be an addition to new DLCs, because I see that today you need to make DLCs more and more elaborate and with great content, because the formula of ‘construction blocks’ is already more worn out.

Big hug to everyone and WORK A LOT, because the game needs it!

A complement: The “City without a Name”, “New Asagart” and the existing dungeons could also be great places for adding Champions as they are being added to the Map and must be done in places where you cannot build.

Imagine a “water champion” in the aquatic dungeon could be a “Triton” inspired by aquamen and the female version be inspired by a mermaid (inspired not by a mermaid because she would not stand), see how easily many possibilities arise to be added to the game.

And not least, each Champion has its own “animation” as a slave at its base, a well-designed animation that reflects the personality of that champion, especially using his “specific weapon” such as “Champion King Lemurian” with his “royal staff”, or the “Aquatic Champion” with his trident imposingly holding, or the “Cimmerian Champion” with a Kratos-style hatchet, he could put the ax on his shoulder making a bad face … the female versions would do the same, because having male and female versions, because that ensures that ALL the heroes you add will interest everyone, who likes male and female NPCs, since the intention is that everyone has something of interest to do in the game between major updates,

Remember that we players want to collect, and we want to collect really interesting things.

Possible Champion DLCs could also come with new “Champion Weapons” in addition to “Champion Armor”, as well as when changing weapon and armor

Yeah it’s been a while since the last updated that really got me like wow I need that. I like the idea of champion I think it as good long term potential. One thing I really want is pets to be giving some love. I really want to have pets that are as good as a thrall. I know they have been rumors about a new map but I doubts were gonna see it anytime soon. Keep up the constructive ideas :+1:

just to finish, champions could only use Champion weapons and armor, as they are “bigger” like the Arena Champion and ordinary "armor would be small for them.

You could only “swap and match” armor from one champion to another, and you also couldn’t “wear / wear” armor from champions since your NPC is small for that.

The male and female versions of each champion would appear randomly at each rebirth, this makes it even less repetitive to have to kill him 5 times to win the 5 souls, I found 5 ideal because it is not so easy and it is not so repetitive, I particularly think it ideal, especially interesting to take players 5 times to a point that is no longer used in the game since the intention of the mechanics of the champions is to be added to existing locations on the map and not to create areas or dungeons for them, it must be the “small” plot updates between large, medium and small that the game must have to keep up to date between large and medium.

In the Weapons section, each champion could only use one weapon category as I mentioned “Champion Cimmerian” could only use Axes of Champions, “Aquatic Champion” could only use Tridents of Champions, “Champion King Lemurian” could only use Clubs for champion, which it would be the “staff of the king”, and so on with each weapon, hammer, daggers, spears, bow … each Champion has a specific skill in a type of weapon, this is part of “giving personality” to him is something that Conan lacks a lot, maybe the Champions with unique animations, and unique weapons … add a little personality to the game that lacks it a lot, today’s NPCs are totally generic and without any personality.

I hope you have understood that I can exchange the “Cimério Champion’s Ax” for another “Champion” Ax that would be above the “Legendary”, but could not use a dagger, or a sword … since the use of these others weapons would be exclusive to another champion, if I hear another champion using an ax I could change it as both use a weapon of the same category and with the “champion” quality, as well as the physical look, the unique body with scars, tattoos, physical proportions unique, bigger, stronger, more beautiful and well finished, the fact that they are NPCs with a fixed look opens up the possibility of doing something much better than a random system in terms of final finishing.

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