TIP: Animations for the Slaves

Now that you are on the right path to investing in NPCs and Artificial Intelligence, improve the slave system, the main collectible in the game.

They make animations for the slaves, just as the dancer has his animation all the NPC slaves should have a different “behavior”, and not be paralyzed like wax dolls.

Slaves could “train fight” by punching, kicking, fighting positions … they could also “clean” their weapons, and things like ‘sharpening their sword’, archers could train aim with their bow, prisoners could have a “submissive” animation, as well as the more “high-level” slaves should behave in a more imposing way, “I am the hero-type fortress” for the slaves named “t4.”

They could even make a new class of slave NPCs with different “behavior”, see how this incredible system of slaves is underutilized in the game.

I still dream on a day when I enter my castle and felt “welcomed” finds it alive, moving, organic, and really feel myself creating a community, my community, not a store of mannequins with armor.


The game already has many animations learned by us by the map, and that we can use, you could use many of these animations already existing, “Shake the fist”, provoke … imagine how incredible it would be when you get close to a slave NPC him not only turn your face, but make some gesture and you feel that your action, get there near him, created a reaction

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Their slaves could also do “war dance,” show their muscles, flex their arm, especially the warriors, as if they were shown to be strong and ready to battle, inviting them to go to war, showing that they are in high spirits, especially the T4 slaves, captains, should have a super “domineering” behavior that visually without reading the name above would make it clear that this is a stronger, higher-ranking warrior … imagine how much this slave logistics can be enriched with all this and more of a kind.


Complementing, capturing the T4 warriors was so difficult that they really should be differentiated as I said, think hard about it, it will be amazing when you approach the ex-cops instead of just turning their heads they showed some personality, and you already have these animations in the game , and sounds, of war cry … is only to apply in the slaves.

They could make it so when you hold E on a thrall and the wheel comes up there could be a “stance” tab with alternative animations depending on what weapon you have equipped the thrall with. Also I would like if they did what they did to the task masters in sepemeru and name thralls “Apprentice Fighter/Archer”, “Journeyman Fighter/Archer”, “Master Fighter/Archer” instead of tier 1-2-3.

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Craftsmen and artisans have apprentices and journeymen; soldiers have rookies. Considering how varied the peoples in the Exiled Lands are, numbers for tiers is unambiguous. The Darfari and the Cimmerians probably have very different naming traditions for their different levels of craftsman or warrior, and it would become pretty confusing if they had different names.

Loke, I went to test what you said, click “E” on the NPC and as I already “knew” only appears the “follow”, “pick” and “open inventory” options you should be using some MOD that add this action, I play on the official server I can not use MOD, which is terrible actually.
Is not it?

There is a great cosmetic mod named Strays Thralls. You just craft one of the tokens and put it in Thrall’s inventory (Fighter or Archer) - and your Thrall begins to show corresponding animation when he/she is On Guard. One can make lots of different scenes with such Thralls. Funcom should do the same but include such animations into the “E” menu for Thralls and Pets.



Yes, they should. Even a few options would do so, so much for the illusion of life.


Yes! My thrall animation wish list would also include:

  • Assign thralls to a bed/bedroll and they would periodically walk from their assigned station to their bed to sleep.

  • Thralls walk from their assigned stations to Thrall pots for meals.

  • Thralls that are relatively close to each other interact with emotes.

  • Sounding the War Horn causes the Thralls to run to their stations with weapons drawn.

  • Have a Gatherer type thrall that we can assign to gather resources such as getting fish from traps, gathering plants, wood, etc… and depositing resources in designated fish baskets, wood piles etc.

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Well, “walk to somewhere” is an order of magnitude more difficult than simple “play this list of static animations”, but yes that would of course be even better.

Yes, I hope the funcom works on this as an extension of this artificial intelligence improvement, slaves are still a very poorly used mechanic, and in fact it is the main mechanics of the game, we want to play them alive, arganic, with slaves moving and if possible, and it would be amazing, interacting with the player and not just turning his head as quoted above.

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