New Paid Account what to do first?

Hello All,

I have a Froob lvl 95 MA and just upgraded my account. There seems to be so much new material and I’m wondering what I should focust on learning first? Should I learn about SL or start working on Aliens? I have Newcomer Armor, what should I get? Any advise or assistance would be great.

There is a crap ton of extra content with expansions. The problem is a lot of it has become obsolete. For example when Shadowlands first came out (2002 or 2003?) they introduced armor sets called Tier armor and they were specific to each profession. At the time they were some of the best armors available in the game, where as now they’re useless. The journey to get this armor is long but was so rewarding, it’s quite sad actually.

Anyway, you can do SL stuff and Alien stuff at the same time. For now just do Alien daily missions (in the same building as the other daily missions) and you’ll get a nice chunk of alien xp from it. For Shadowlands I would first suggest getting the Aban (Clan) or Thrak (Omni) garden key. It’s the most useful key in the game as it allows for a easy method to get back to Rubika when you’re far away in Shadowlands.

You’ll want to check the Shadowlands section on AO Universe for a lot of stuff.

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You must go and talk to Ergo! FIRST Ergo, BWAHAHA. (He’s a bit wordy and you can’t skip the text.) If you do his quests you get all 4 chapters to complete your first specialization.

If you’re Neut then do both Garden Keys. Also the Sanctuary Keys. Makes SL travel easy peasy.

Look at your perks window “Shift P to open/close” and make some choices there.
Open your research window "Shift O to open/close and set it to at least 10%

For AI daily missions and starting at AI-0 if you get a cocoons/find item mission keep leaving the mission before completing it and re-enter as it will respawn the mobs in the mission and you will be able to get your AI level up to 4-5 fairly quickly.

Newcomer armour is fine for now.

You can get to SL via Jobe portals though it will cost a little to enter (10k creds)
Make sure to do your barkeeper missions everyday to build up some victory points for items you will want, check the general ofab store for hud items and the MA store for possible armour items (these are expensive in VP) The easiest to complete are tower tag/illegal miners but BS Battle Station will reward you the most but isn’t always running when you want it to be.

That should be enough to get started for one day.
I’d like to explain more but it would take about 1k+ video explanations at around 45mins each.
Which I have done already :wink: