Recently subbed ex-Froob

Hi all, with the launch of RK19 i subbed an old froob account i havent played with since 2010. TL5 MP (level 168, pretty well geared for a froob).

My question is how painful would it be for him to crash through SL content before being confortable. mostly boring Garden key quests for Ely and Ado and Pen (alone with no org).

  1. Are there still people doing Ado Hecks or Pen mishes ? or everyone is 220
  2. Symbiants wise, how the current inflation affected their prices ? i only got 9m so a huuuuge farming is inevitable (or just buy a Grace key and make things more worse for the global economy)

Thanks everyone

On RK2019 expansions have not been released yet, so it’s essentially the froob experience.

Welcome back to AO :blush: It’s lovely to see so many players returning.

The garden key quests for Elysium, Adonis and Penumbra are not very hard. They mostly involve running around rather than killing very tough bosses. If you’re new to Shadowlands it’ll take some time to get used to it, but I imagine that’s going to be the fun part :slight_smile:
Check out the guides on ao-universe:

For your other questions:

  1. It can hardly be denied that with the recent launch of the new 2019 server, the original server is not seeing as much activity. This is going to be temporary (the 2019 server is planned to close after a year, and people may return before that point), but it’s something to keep in mind. If you are at all interested in the new 2019 server, I would recommend playing there for now, because that’s where most of the people are.

  2. Symbiant prices vary a lot depending on the Ql and item slot. I would recommend having a look on aopocket to figure out which symbiants you need, and then checking GMS for what’s available. 9m isn’t going to get you very far either way, but the inflation has the positive effect of making getting creds easy. At your level, I would get clicksaver and roll nano’s to sell. Have a look on GMS which ones are good; many sell for 20-50m each.
    If you do want to buy a GRACE instead, you can do so without worrying about the economy. The GRACE is bought by other players with credits that already exist in the economy. It will not cause inflation. It may not feel like an achievement to do it this way however, but the option is there if you want to.

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Thank you Saavick,

I already had a 200 doc that is still sitting in Pen garden…that i stripped naked and transfered stuff before my subscription ended in 2008. I already know some stuff about expansions.

It’s just that many things should have changed i guess, and one of them is the active community.

Cool if due to the inflation i can sell stuff at a higher price, that make sense. thanks you i’ll log in today after work and check.

RK19 is amazing, already got two capped toons a doc and a trader and maybe i’m the rare ones that wants a sloooow cap raise so people enjoy content that they couldn’t do in Rimor/Atlantean era. (like i never recalled teamed for a dyna camp…ever)

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