Subscriber only access or FULL PAID?

So, i heard of this new server, a new take on the experience and as everybody else, i found myself very curious.

Then i found out that there is no option to be a froob (even for a day or an hour just to see whats happening on the new server), where did i find out? The official FAQ by “AndyB”

Inside this FAQ is written the following:

" Subscriber-only, right? What does that mean, exactly?

As long an account is subscribed to Anarchy Online, that account can log in and play on the new server. If you have an existing subscription on an account, that account can log in as soon as the server’s online. No extra payments or actions needed!

If you don’t have an active membership now or at any time, that’s fine: as soon as you start or renew a subscription on an account, that account can log into the new server."

As soon as i read this, i decided to reactivate an SL only account (since it is the cheapest, and it is a Subscription afterall)
So now i must know, is SL only not considered membership?? Or a subscription? Because the 5.75 euros taken out of my account make me feel like a member or at the least that i SUBSCRIBED to something…
I really hope this is an error and not intentional…

Hi PTMxCh00b.

After further review, we’ve decided to allow sloobs entry to the 2019 server. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please keep in mind that you won’t be able to participate in post-Shadowlands expansions unless you first upgrade to a full subscription.

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Thank you very much for the update and information!

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I have a paid sloob account but only have access to RubiKa not 2019.

can you help?