Sloob account, only Premium Membership Upgrade available


finally the special upgrade offer is gone and i wanted to reactivate my sloob account, but now i only get the Premium Membership Upgrade (1,3,6,12-months) and the 1 month sloob subscription is not available on the simple new account-site .
Sadly the old and better account-page doesn’t work with the secure codes or paypal, cause i found the same topic from august 2020 and the solution was to use the old site … :rofl: , but that doesn’t work anymore and i don’t need a third full account , i want my sloob account :grin:

Is there any hope on getting my account back ?
Funcom , please share one frontend-developer to fix this small issue :wink:

Thank you!

I am not 100% sure but if I am right then is the SL Account Version gone.


thx for your reply.

I played my sl account this year from march till may , but then the account got frozen, cause on the old site the payment isn’t working anymore as i mentioned.
So technically it’s possible, but since no support nor development is shared for AO , i think you’re right and there is no hope to get my SL-Account activated anymore :frowning:

I got my SL acc active with the old site.
Came back to AO a few weeks ago.


cool, thank you for your reply :slight_smile: .

I tried to activate my sl account this month (6.july), but it didn’t work with my VISA-Card, cause it needs the new secure codes (2-factor-authentication), which the old site doesn’t support, only the new site.

Yesterday i tried it again with my debitcard on the old site and it worked, but cause i tried it on 6.july , now i have only playtime till 5.august, so about 1 week ^^.
So it’s for me like a lottery on the old site, if the creditcard provider checks the secure-codes or not ^^.

So i hope that my debitcard-provider doesn’t check on the 5.august my card again and let “pass” the next monthly-payment :slight_smile: .

It would be better to just add the monthly-sloob-payment to the new site :wink: .

Great that it worked out!

It doesnt seem to be many Sloobs left :slight_smile: