Sl00b Account Question:

So, did FC remove access to Sl00b (SL) accounts?
I have one and can’t re-sub it (only upgrade it)…

Am I missing something, or being forced to pay more for what used to be a legitimate working account?

Yes, I’ve got a petition in, but I thought I’d ask the community too.

Which accounts page are you using:


My sloob account is still active, but I haven’t touched payment details on it for a while, so can’t say any more really.

There are two account pages, use the top one that has more features then the stupidly redone one. You literally cant do anything on that 2nd link.

Nice, cheers guys!
I’ve never seen that second page before. But the first page was the one I was looking at originally, but it didn’t show a simple reactivate option (at the time, it does show one now).

Now for a followup question…
How do I add a new payment option?
When I hit the ‘add new payment option’ button, it sends me to the second page which doesn’t have any option to add a new card…! WTH FC???

As a side question, can you add a signature on these forums? I can’t even find my ‘user control panel’…
It’s a strange forum this!

short answer, no

Ok, finally got my sl00b account online, after much poking! lol
Thanks for the help guys.

Oh well, never mind Melcom, in that case, I’ll just say:

For the People
By the People

Those who know AOU, will know, those who don’t will ask someone! :smiley:


How did you do such magic?

I have a sloob accounts I would happily re-sloob, but can’t seem to find out how to do it without it being an upgrade

See the links above. The Register one is the old account link.

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Brilliant thank you. I even remembered passwords, and discovered the Add access to the mail terminals to froob accounts which I didn’t know about and could come in useful.

Guessing there is no option anymore to create sloob accounts?

Unfortunately, that went the way of linking accounts. :confounded:

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