Unable to reactivate Sloob account

I am trying to reactivate a Sloob account with only the shadowlands expansion and I am not able to find the $5 a month option. The only option I have is to pay $14.95 a month which I am assuming will upgrade me to AI. I’ve already got 2 accounts with AI so I don’t need a third to have a buff character.

I usually run my premium account and use the Shadowlands account as a support character.

Are sloob accounts dead?

search forums - there was solution for that. IIRC, you need to seek a button to reactivate it “slobishly”…

Try the old account page: https://register.funcom.com/account

New and Improved is not always an improvement. Ya hear that FUncom? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Hunni, that worked!

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