Resubbing my Sloob?

So ive decided to reactivate my account however, when i click on the Account page i get a new page, instead of the old one, with alot less info and buttons to click, is this intentional? Background is blue and purpleish with a planet or moon in top left

I cant even find a button to resub, other than selecting one of the “SPECIAL OFFERS”
Just me?

EDIT: Froob accounts have an upgrade button, my current account has a cancel button, my frozen full paid have a reactivate button but the SL Only account has no button, its hidden…

Support can not help you with any account or billing issues over the forums. Please visit us at and submit an email support ticket, if you haven’t already. Our support team is working to answer everyone’s requests as quickly as they can. Your patience in this matter is greatly appreciated.