What Happened to the Reactivate account button for SLOOBS?

So yesterday I had a look at this new AO 2019 server news and check to see if my sloob account was still available, and sure enough…it was there ready to reactivate.

Today I decide to try it and I get a new web page, but the reactivate button is missing!!! But only for my sloob account, not for my full sub accounts!!! What happened?

For now I managed to reactivate it through the old site: register(dot)funcom(dot)com
thanks for the tip SARCOPH :wink:

Button still missing on new website.

I am able to login only to Rubi-Ka, not Rubi-Ka 2019. I get the error:
“You don’t have access to this dimension”

Perhaps you need to have all the expansions and pay the same ammount that other people need to pay to play RK2019…

I am currently playing with a SLoob account