New player seeking active Cabal


Hello, I’ve never played Secret World before but I believe I’m learning quickly. I would like to find a small to medium size active Cabal to join.

I’m mainly looking for some people to chat with now and then/socialize/ask questions etc. I like grouping with people and I want to learn more about the game too. I really dislike always soloing and feeling like I don’t know anyone in an MMO. Yet, I’m mostly an introvert… so yeah, its difficult.

I already know of some of the more popular Cabals but I’m not sure if they would be the best fit for me since I tend to end up keeping to myself in larger communities. An active cabal of 15-20 active members or less would probably work out best for me, I think.

I will also say up front that I’ve played a lot of MMO’s over the years and I’ve never been a fan of having to sign up to a forum and fill out an application just for a guild/cabal to consider recruiting me. I’m a respectful, friendly player looking for the same, but I’m not really much of a forum user so if we can skip the forum application and just have an interview in game (discord works too), that would be much preferred. Thanks!


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Legio Fulminata is also recruiting

You can contact Minks or Michahel in game.