New Player Stuck: Can't Progress Beyond Tutorial!

Greetings Hellspawn.
Man do I feel a bit out of place here with my user name, can’t half tell I usually play Conan Exiles. I got Metal: Hellsinger for Xmas, and have only played once thus far, racking up a good bit of progress when I did. So here is my Newbish question:

How the heck do I load my game progress back up!?

From the main menu I see: enter hells, leviathan mode, codex and settings. When I go to ‘enter hells’ I can go into either the Tutorial or Vore windows. But for Vore I can only look at Enter Loadout, show coat of arms progress (square) show leaderboards (triangle), or close (circle).

Have I missed something here. How do I resume my game?

Other players or @Community could I please trouble someone for some help?

Ok I seem to have figured it out. It seems the shotgun was not eqipped and it did not want to let me start the game until it was. Chalk this one up to a daft player. :crazy_face:


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