Crash during game, can't reload my saved game

Hi all !

I have a bad issue in my Solo game on Conan Exile on PS4.
During game, I was building and game froze… I forced to quit and try to reload my game, but now it don’t work. Game start to load and then it’s quite OK , PS4 quits Conan Exile and give me this message :

Conan Exiles

Other modes work, the game works but I can’t access to my saved game with all my goods and my building… Not sure I want to restart all again !

Is it possible to re-access to my saved game ?

I play as Zebulon+75000 in Solo mode, can someone help me please ?

I started a new story, so I have deliberately deleted the old one…

But, it would be so cool to have a multi saving system in this game to have back-up.

PS : on PS4, even after releases, it’s impossible to apply war paints on characters and wearing light armor don’t switch off the task…

Thanks for this game.

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