New ps4 server looking for players ( the best server)

Possibly the best server ever is looking for players! the existing player base is made up of UK, GER ,Dutch and ITA players. The server is 2x harvesting everything else is 1.5. We also have set raid times 14:00 - 23:59 weekdays and 11:59 - 23:59 on weekends, we have set this up to stop offline raids and early morning base attacks so if you have a job / school or something like that this place will be safe for you. We want to give it a couple of weeks and give everyone time to build up then have some fun battles. No admin tools are ever used we want it to be as fair as possible. We have a community set up as well so if you need an assistance with fighting raiders off just message us

ps4 server name : #7184

Still spots left