New PVE-C Server - Vanilla+ Settings - 40 User Cap - 99% Up-time - Great Community

Survivors of US server 1941 banded together and launched our own dedicated server. We got tiered and annoyed of daily server downtime of 3-8 hours with no end in sight of developer intervention.

Tested and fully operational now for 2 months, here is some info about what our server offers from the settings to the hosting.

Server features:

  • Server located in NYC so you can determine a LOW PING for yourselves
  • Settings mirrored to official PVE-C+ Slight bump in crafting speed.
  • Voting polls conducted on server changes to benefit the majority
  • Active Server Administration to combat bugs, item loss etc…
  • Server discord for updates to server, community posts and voice communications.

Hosted Server Setup

  • Dedicated Server (Not a VPS)
  • High end server CPU, ram and SSD specs
  • Redundancies for Electricity, 5 network nodes + DDos Protection

The server was brought up 6/2018 so there is still plenty of land claim choices.
The server community bands together almost every night to run dungeons together.
If you feel like a solid server and a good community of gamers is something your interested please join us.

To find us simply select:
In the search select Internet
In the field search for vanilla+
Server title is: PVE-C Vanilla+ GreatCommunity