So I did a thing PVE East Coast kinda of hardcore not really

For ■■■■■ and giggles started up a dedicated server. Mainly because I could not find one that fit my needs, everyone wants to zoom you up lvls making crafting crazy easy and easier death consequences etc.

So mine is basiclay, longer days shorters nights, all crafting and resource gathering slightly speed up
full nudity, full loot(but not pvp) everything drops on death. purge.

and its lightly modded.

So look for Conan PVE East Coast Happy Times come check it out. No stress.

added a discord info incase someone wants to ask question etc.

heya, I would like to check this out but I wasn’t able to stay connected to the server. Showing 9999 ping. I’m just looking for a chill mostly vanilla experience with a few other relaxed & friendly players. The official servers seem to be overrun lot’s of big box buildings everywhere.

looks like the new update had a few mods wonky give me 15

k, I’ll check up on it in a while