EU PVE "Oh no, my thrall desappeared!"

SERVER NAME: Oh no, my thall disappeared!
EU - PVE (Default difficulty) PC
24/7 Server online, planning to have it running for very long time.

We are mature, kind, polite and funny core members, we do jokes and have fun together, we play toghether, we help eachother with everything, anywere, always.
We are looking for mature, funny and kind players. You can play alone and you are not forced to do events with us (but being social such as chatting would be appreciated).
We have a private Discord.

● 2x harvesting resources
● 2x exp from kills
● Daytime little longer
● Half thirst and hunger
● Purge availabe 24/7 (highest level difficulty) with only 1 player online needed to trigger the event
● Doors, chests and personal clan stuffs locked
● Items dropped on death (pickable by anyone in case you need help)
● Character not in the world after logout

● Open at suggestions: Willing to change any settings to please everyone into what is needed and wanted.

● Bad behavior, offenses are not allowed
● Building foundations around the world just to annoy the other players, is not allowed
● Building close to another player (if the player disagree) is not allowed
● Start to build, then not complete it and change house, is forbidden (you can have all the bases and buildings you want, as long as you delete unfinished and abandoned buildings)
● Bad players will be kicked.
●Random foundations built without a good reason, will be destroyed.
● Random unfinished building will be destroyed.

Admin always online willing to help anyone with bugs, issues, fights, buildings, item loss or emergencies. Usually she gives presents to kind and funny players.
Around 12+ hours, from 22:00 GMT+1 to 10:00/13:00 GMT+1
Available on calls 24/7 for emergencies (such as server offline) with Vice-Admin available when I am offline, with my phone number.
Giulia, 33 years old, nerd, always building villages all around the map. Kind, polite, funny, troller, friendly, dark meme and jokes addicted… But can become a ■■■■ if you do something against her or that she doesnt like.

Contact me on private message or Discord "Giulia Pharalis#5093"

How long have you prepaid for the server (or do you plan on keeping it running)?

Settings look good, though I prefer default night as they are pretty short already and I like seeing my city lit up at night.

I have to apologise, night is not cutted in half, is the day that is longer.
I’m planning to play for months, so you should feel safe here!

Ah ok! I’d like to come check it out. I live in the east coast talk so it’s a few hours behind if that’s okay. How do I find your server?

Contact me on Discord Giulia Pharalis#5093