Everchosen PVE[EN/SWE] (Relaxed gameplay in a mature audience, minor RP)


We are two friends who started playing Exiles a few days ago. We decided upon creating our own server since we wanted to be more in charge of our progress and didn’t want to pick a random server where we would either get wrecked in PvP or risk PvE servers where people built stuff to block out key locations etc that we heard of. We also looked around here a bit but didn’t really find anything catching our fancy so if anything we might fill that little void. Most servers we saw were PvE-conflict or full RPPVE.

Servername: Everchosen PVE

Region: EU

Spoken Languages: English, Swedish

Gametype: PVE

Gameplay: Relaxed atmosphere, Light-RP, Semi-Hardcore

Normal Gaming Hours: Weekday Evenings and Weekend at any time during the day.

Timezone: CEST

Age Requirement: 18+

Mods: None at the moment but we will be enabling some with careful consideration.

Slots: 10, might increase if there’s such a demand but our philosophy is to keep a small gaming coop group so this is probably not needed.

What can we offer?

We can offer a fun and relaxed PvE/COOP experience where you can enjoy conquering the game world together with us without experiencing discomforts that can otherwise be present on a public and random server. Our focus is of course on playing together so we would love for you to join our community. You’re free to start your own clan and play with us or join our clan, basically whatever floats your boat. We’ll be looking at creating large buildings and progressing all the current and future content of the game together so you’re more than welcome to stick around with us and we’ll help any new players get started with leftover gear etc, unless you want to experience farming it yourself of course.

Another main motivation for playing here is that you will be able to safely log off knowing your character, gear, personal items and anything you’ve built will be there upon your return the next day. This was a major concern for me starting the game and thus I’m eager to be able to provide that kind of security. Losing hours of progress due to technical issues is not fun.

We will generally be playing with voice chat and you’re of course welcome to join there. Spoken language is English or Swedish. We’re native Swedish but can speak English very well too.

What do we expect from you?

What we require is basically what would be described as a mature set of mind. If you know you’re the kind of person who likes to name stuff silly names and jump around too much while walking etc this is probably not the server for you. But if you enjoy a semi-rp experience with focus on coop, exploration and progressing together we’d very much welcome you to join. What I mean with semi rp is basically that we don’t construct or do silly stuff ingame but we don’t name our characters or npcs “Critterkilla995”. Basically, be a decent and respectful grown up. I will not refrain from using admin rights to ban behavior like that and to destroy silly buildings etc. You should try to build things that one could typically expect from a fantasy universe. An example of a silly building is something that could resemble male genitalia. So the level is set pretty low and you will have creative freedom within the limits set for the universe.

We also value communication a lot and want you to be open and communicative.

These guidelines aside, we’re pretty open and can generally joke about most things so if you’re a person who easily takes offense from stuff you have been warned.

Admin Philosophy

I will be a playing admin and hopefully I shouldn’t need to admin things too much but I will do it so that we can get around eventual bugs that might appear game breaking or to comply with the rules we’ve set out above. My main philosophy as an admin is to provide an environment where you feel safe having your characters and put in time on it and I will of course help restore anything that might be lost due to bugs or other technical issues. As long as you behave in a grown up manner you should never have to fear any random bans or things of that kind. I have extensive experience leading and coordinating MMO guilds from the past and should be able to resolve most situations that could occur.


We spend quite a lot of time playing games in general so you might feel behind if you only play a few hours a week, you’re welcome either way though. We will never expect nor force anyone to be online however and there is no official gameplay requirement. Just that it might not be very fun if you’re too inactive or if you are online 24 hours a day since we mostly follow a normal working friendly gaming schedule.

Clan Rules

Regarding clan rules most chests and resources are shared, I’m actually unsure if the lock chest function works within the clan. A main rule is thus to respect the personal belongings of other clan members(usually chests named with their character name). We’re very early so we haven’t really identified any other possible issues but this paragraph might evolve as we continue of course.

Current settings:

1.5x XP

2x Harvest speed

No decay

Thralls/Pets do not require food

0.8 player thirst and hunger

Setting Philosophy

Settings are a bit subject to change if we feel something is too OP or too grindy. Something I will be doing tonight is reducing crafting times since some things(creating 1000 Iron Reinforcement) makes the game feel like you’re almost playing an idle mobile game. Our thoughts regarding the somewhat lower XP setting is that we often feel many XP settings are way to high and want to hit a golden standard where you actually need to put some effort in to reach endgame.

We haven’t really thought about wipes yet but that will be a unanimous agreement between server members if we ever do

If you made it all the way here we’d be happy to see you! Feel free to PM me for any questions and getting the password to the server. A super short introduction of some kind to yourself would also be great.