[US] Relaxed/Small/PvE/ Mature server / Remnants of 8bitamazon/whitemage01's server

Hey y’all! Tired of players randomly placing foundation along the lands to prevent you from building anywhere? Tired of trolls that just spam the chat? Tired of immaturity? Tired of it all and just trying to SURVIVE?!

Well, we got a server for you! :slight_smile: So far it’s just 4 of us. Tim is our server god and we were all members of 8bitamazon/whitemage01 (Jessamyn Duke on Twitch) server in Early Access (Since Jan 2017!!). We’re really just in it to have fun, build epic bases, raid NPC camps and just have a great time. We do prefer 18+ (all of us are over 30) and keeping it respectful, friendly and mature! We don’t want to add a lot of people… but just a few more neighbors… hehe. I believe server cap is 40? I could be mistaken. We mostly play weekends and some weekday nights - all of us work till like 5pm/6pm Central.

Standard/Default settings, no mods, inventory items kept on death, full nudity, Unconscious when logged out, locked boxes and VERY chill. We do use Discord.

We WILL kick/ban trolls, jerks, random foundation placers, give out warnings to people who block major paths and ask them to kindly move, etc. We just want it simple and clean.

ALSO! We have an EPIC arena near The Sinkhole- I believe we might open it up to PvP on certain hours during the wknd so we can compete! We’ll have cool prizes like the Star Metal pickaxe/hatchet/sickle, etc. PM if you’re interested and I’ll pass the info onto our server god. And then I’ll ping ya the IP if he’s down!


Hello, Im interested in joining the server. Looking for a home to build a character up and base, plus raid with friends and have a good time. im 36 and laid back. I hate server hoping so want a firm place to play with other mature and like minding people.

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Hey! Sounds good. I’ll ping you our Server name/IP.

Hmm… can’t seem to send you a private message. Is it enabled under your settings?

Hey there, interested in your server.

I’m 29, I work nights in the central timezone so you probably wouldn’t see a whole lot of me lol, but I am just looking for a moderated server that matches official PvE settings. I just bought the game, looking for a server to play for the first time. Have a family, so mostly just on late during the night when everyone’s asleep. Just looking to enjoy the game and maybe build some cool stuff along the way.

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I am very interested in joining your server! Mid 30s, super chill and I’m a restaurant manager so i’m usually on overnight. Want a server to explore and adventure on, and occasionally trade or team up with others.

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I would be interested in playing on your server. 27 yrs old calm student just wanting to play some conan exiles on the side.

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Hi there. I´m 23 years old. From denmark. I would really like to join your server/discord. My English is (by my own rating) decent. I play almost everyday. None of my friends like the game or wants to play on a dedicated server so. anyways I am down to earth and I would like to experience the game, building and stuff with friendly folks.

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was it cool that I joined aswell ? :slight_smile:

could i perhaps join this server mayhaps? :smiley:

Hey, a friend and I would like to join as well.

I am said friend

Conan updated this morning and now the server version is incompatible with the updated client. Pls halp

Is your server still accepting new people? Looking for a PVE server with older people. Just message me the info if you are. Thanks.

six days with no answer. Man, that is unacceptable for any admin.

Oh my damn, I’m not the admin, but the IP was listed above, please don’t hesitate to join if it’s not too late.

I tried joining this server but it says not found.
I’m willing to pay for a server, and we can all pitch in 5-10 bucks a month to cover for it if anyone is interested in playing among mature adults.