X1 | EU | PvE server | 3x Harvest/Xp | Looking for mature players

We are a couple of friends looking for more mature casual gamers to enjoy this game with. We have a private server with a 3x harvest and xp rate to get everything rolling properly.

We wish to expand our group and are looking for people wanting a community and are willing to contribute to eventually see endgame. If you just want a quiet place to build and have fun while doing it, youve come to the right place.

Englishspeaking is a must.

Name of the server (20 slots):
ConanExiles EU - PVE CasualCoop
Password is:

Hope to see you ingame.

For more info contact live gamertag PraiseJeebus or Babulba.

We are still looking for a few social adult gamers to join our clan or server, feel free to hit us up on live or ingame.


We are growing but have changed the name to Vikings of Conan. Plenty of room still.

Do you still have your server up and running? I had joined two other private servers but they both closed down.