New PVP Server! Steam Gift Card Giveaways!

I am currently running a server and I am looking to get some people in.

I will bump the thread with the IP and name when it’s time to go live.

We are planning a PVP server starting fresh on 5/18 at around 2AM Eastern Time. I have about 10 people that will be joining.
Default settings for everything.

I am also hosting giveaway for Steam Gift Cards that will be held randomly at different times throughout the month of May and June.

This is a 40 slot server but I will increase the slots if we see that it remains close to cap.

I am trying to judge if anyone would be interested in joining, killing each other and all that good stuff.

If anyone is interested please let me know. I am also open to suggestions if you guys want to see any adjustments to the server values.

Ohh and the server is Admin Free so no abuse.

I am and have 2 more friends


If we can get about 10 people or so I think we would be off to a great start!

This server is great its like an official server but without the strict ping requirements so our non-us friends can play too