New Server! Hardcore Solo PVP! Discord Gaming Group! Lamentations!

Hey folks, some gaming friends and I wanted to tweak the core experience a bit, but got tired of admin abuse on unofficial servers, so we pooled our cash together and got a server.

Thing is, there are only 5 of us (and only 3 of us are no-lifers) so we’ve got 15 open slots that we’d love to fill with eager bodies.

It’s a hardcore, solo PVP server that was just started 48 hours ago. The max clan size is one, forcing you to fight for everything you acquire yourself. We’ve bumped the XP gain up to 2x, and slightly increased stamina & combat durability but all resource gathering, crafting and thrall breaking happens at the default rate.

We’re all adults from our late 20’s to mid 40’s, and we’re looking for the same. We’ve got a dedicated Discord that we use for all the games we play, and it’s our strong preference that you have a mic and a willingness to get to know the group.

We are currently playing ‘against’ each other, but we’re a clan across several titles, so we’re kind of recruiting into our gaming group more than just for this particular server.

Definitely helps if you’re laid back, have a sense of humor, like to no life games and are herb friendly. Hit me up here, and I’ll link you to the server/discord. It’s currently public, but when we hit the 20 player cap, we’re going to lock it down. We carefully curate the folks we let into the group, so if you’re looking to play with a solid group of nice folks, trying to murder you - we’re probably a good fit for you.

Anyhow, we hope to hear both from you, and the lamentations of your women!


I want to join any more room and how long is the server paid up for?

i’m very interested in joining,
steam id / redsleevs