New run animation while weapon equipped

Im curious, what does people think about the new jogging animation (not sprinting) while you have a weapon in your hands?

My opinion on it is that it looks really wierd, looks like you first jogging normally without weapon, then equips weapon and legs starts to run kinda in slowmo, and looks really ugly. The old animation was much better. And I mean really MUCH. This one is just a slowmo version of the sprinting one. I really hope you could fix it back to how it used to be, because this is a big downgrade in my opinion.



i loathe having this funny crouch weirdness when not in combat. Why can’t we just hold our weapons/torches like normal people when not in combat?


Has anyone got a video comparing the new sprinting animation to the old one?
I’ve seen quite a few posts complaining about it but I’ve not seen it.

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I can fix tomorrow. But I can explain it for you aswell, now in live version you have one run animation while having weapon unequipped, and another while having a weapon equipped.

In testlive your animation is the same with both equipped and unequipped. And while running (not sprinting) the legs gets some wierd slowmo behaviour with weapon equipped. And while sprinting it looks normal as in live version.

It looks odd, and not as finnished and good as live version. Not a gamebreaker, but still a downgrade compared to now.

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My mom always told me not to run with scissors.

But I always hated that we couldn’t jog while wielding a weapon, only sprint. Perhaps Funcom should consult some historical martial arts experts on how to hold your sword/spear/axe while running. (I admit I haven’t tested the 3.0 yet, only seen some videos, in which the jogging-with-scissors animation has given me a slightly unnatural feel.)

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