Walking with tools in hands ?!

its weird, i can run with weapons and tools in hands, i can even sprint with them in my hands BUT the moment i press “walk” all weapons and tools dissapear out of my hands and i can’t take them out again?!
Why? is this an bug or did your animators just said Nop, that’s it no walking with torch in hands, you want to walk at night, you have to do it with no torch and its light.

So my suggestion here if its not clear yet, add animations for walking with tools & weapons. Seriously fs up my immersion. ^^


I second this idea
Sexy walk with a skinning knife and also fix the stutter while idle.


I only equip weapons when Im about to attack, because walking and standing still with them on hands feels weird indeed, they should make an in combat stance animation (current one), and another relaxed with weapons on hands while exploring.


I agree it feel unnatural being in combat stance all the time even when holding torch and exploring


I make my character to hold a rope and she just stands there wanting to punch someone.

yeah…i force my friends play as me (roleplay)
i pull out weapons and tools only before activity (gather, strike)
rest of the time i just walk\run with bare hands, i hate when people spend 90% gametime with axes or swords in their hands with battle stance (chilling at home wtf?), its look awfull and break a lot of immersion


i bet they will never add this, DLC’s will get prior sadly
and that said, funcom i’d totally buy a “all new Animation DLC” :stuck_out_tongue: … but please don’t ask 10dollars ^^

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