Rework of some animations

i suggest you update the “combat stance” animation and add some extra animations like, normal walking with weapons and tools, example the torch, when you walk with torch out in hands, its like you are going to poop any second on the floor (the “combat stance”) that’s why i suggest, update / change the combat stance animation and remove that stance from the walk animation, so RP’ers don’t look they are going for a poop walk, when slow walking in there base with weapons or “torch” out. its so frustrating for a RPer, trust me.
and i know, the RP comunity is small, but common it will make the game look 10 times better. don’t make me start a crusade, like i had to do, to get your team to fix the walking animation jitter bug, witch you guys eventually did fix and i thank you for that with all my heart.


I second that, the more animations the more immersion and it beautifies the game.

I like to see the axe combat rework cos I feel it little too short ranged.

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