New Server - Rise of Princes - RP as a Ruler and build your empire!

Name of PVP Server: “Rise of Princes - Landclaim PVP Raids Purges RP 4X”
Discord Link in our Welcome Message

Rise of Princes (ROP) is a mild RP server set in the fictional “Free Lands”, that empowers players to build their clan’s holdings. Starting from small holdings, clans can expand their lands and dominate the clans around them through the use of sheer force or subjugation by diplomacy. Each clan can have its own unique and deep identity, built in-game. ROP encourages land claims and raids, but also diplomatic and state to state roleplay, and culture and lore building. Rules are light and meant to give players the full flexibility and creativity to go forth and conquer lands for their clans!

We are running with just a few mods for customisation and gameplay to keep the server light. We welcome suggestions for improvements!

“East of Stygia are the wild and diverse Free Lands made up of numerous landholdings ruled by local Princes. These Princes are often at war each other, or in loose and tenuous alliances, each aiming to grow their lands and their dominate to become the most powerful lord in the Free Lands! But the Stygian threat looms heavy, its armies raging across the Free Lands to loot and plunder the Principalities.

Rise of Princes gives you the choice to rule your lands how you want to: be the head of a small village negotiating between great powers for your people’s safety or a brutal warlord conquering your neighbours or a trading powerhouse using your economic power to build your fortress to keep your enemies at bay.”

PVP Server Name: "Rise of Princes - Landclaim PVP Raids Purges RP 4X
x4 Harvest for fast building
PVP any time any where
Raids on weekends
Purges enabled
Benches locked by default but can be blown up (no pilfering)
Max Clan Size - 10
Max Build - 10k, increases by 2k per clan member
Max Followers - 40, increase by 10 per clan member
Unique clan alliance mechanics
Trade and merchant mechanics
Strict policing for hackers and cheaters

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