New Server storyline: the 4th Age - Holy Wars

New Server storyline: the 4th Age - Holy Wars.
Many arrived to the exiled lands for crimes, but there are some who come to attune to their god, for the mystery of this region brings you closer. Many shrines have appeared and have influenced the lands with either bountiful harvest allowing the people to flourish in paradise or diseased-ridden crops, depending who has the stronger presence. As such, a war has begun. A holy fight in justification of actions by the blade or wisdom to control. Welcome to the 4th Age, Holy Wars.

Each week the server will gain a boost based upon which gods influence the Exiled Lands and Siptah. This is decided by the number of built tier 3 shrines on the lands. Many old base locations from inactive players will be open on a weekly quest for free raids - which will also mean many great locations are available to build on. This is the perfect time for new players to join.

What does your future hold, exiled one? Do you forge a kingdom and rule by your blade; become a mercenary to the highest paid coin purse; be a shopkeeper selling old warez; or have you arrived to attune to the gods in the Holy War?

Server Name: The Hyborian Age (True RP-PvP) for PS4/5
Server Region: EU
Server Type: RP-PVP
Map: All Maps
Server Lore: Classic R.E. Howard Conan lore
Age Restriction: 18+

Server Features:

  • Unique Character Creation (players gain perks based on what race they select).
  • RP write-ups via Discord, tell your story!
  • Active Voice role playing and discord RP write-ups
  • A very experienced RP admin team and chilled.
  • History and Rumour channels. Leave your mark on the lands.
  • Many good locations still available.
  • Kingdom System - Server Storyline
  • New Player friendly
  • Weekly Quests
  • Weekend Boost depending on God
  • All Maps
  • So much more!
    Join our thriving exiles server, follow the link to our discord, tell your tale in an age undreamed of.

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First week in and shrines are already popping up and we’ve had some great RP scenes. Remember, you can join in any time with this storyline.