New signs (unnamed city)

Hey guys,

Our group was lucky and got the new signs set in the unnamed city. Really awesome design and excatly what we needed for our big settlement. Thank you. But, while craftig them I recognized that some professions are missing, like the carpenter, priests and dancers. Also there is no sign you could use for the taming station, a marketplace, storage, maproom.

And I just wanted to ask if there is a chance to include them? We would highly appreciate it.

Edit: I edited my post slightly, because I recognized there is a sign called “jail” which is probably meant for the taskmaster. Sorry for that.


Sure, they are lovely, it’s also my opinion.

Maybe you could slide your post into suggestions ? :smiley:

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When I walk the ancient cities of the mediterranian there is only one sign carved in every harbour :slight_smile: .

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