New Stables --> Wrong Item ID in Carpenters Workbench

In Admin Mode, when you look at the Stable in your Inventory, it shows Item ID 18997 (obviously the correct one)
But when you look at it in the Carpenters workbench ist shows 18998
(which is acutually the scorpion egg sac)

Recipe and Items can have different ID’s. It’s not common (because Funcom wisely typically sets them the same for readability), but there isn’t anything in the system limiting that. So long as the recipe is set to the correct RESULT item ID, that’s what matters.

Good catch though :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Information.
It’s really no big deal, but it can be irritating, when you try to spawn a stable and end up with an egg sac :laughing:

Thanks for the keen-eyed observation.
We’re relaying it to our team.

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