New Stornglass Pieces - Season 2

Apparently, I has the dumbs.

I saw the new Stormglass building pieces in the Devstream.

I see reference to them in the patchnotes.

I cannot access them in my build menu as they do not exist as an option.

When I go to Creative mode, all other Stormglass pieces exist.

Aside from not taking a left at Albuquerque, where did I go wrong?




Possibly the new pieces will come to the bazaar or as an addon to the siptah dlc so theyre not available on testlive.


That makes sense. Here’s hoping.

I think it is this but at the sametime I think its dumb, your customer pool is limited to those already owning stormglass for the most part, unlike the arcane which everyone had by default.

Perhaps it will be a Battlepass reward.

They’re a season 2 Bazaar set. All the season 2 stuff (both battlepass and bazaar) is listed in another thread


Link please


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